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Smart Tag Black with QR Code and NFC Chip - £9.95 inc. shipping

  • This tag is not engravable. It has the design on the front and the QR Code on the back
  • An NFC chip is inside the tag. (click here for more information)
  • The tag is made from robust nickel
  • Includes a strong split ring
  • Includes a FREE eZeclip valued at pound4.95 for easy attachment and removal
  • Epoxy protection
  • Enabled with NFC and QR Code so the tag can be tapped or scanned with any smart phone, providing the information you choose to share from your profile
  • Can send an email with the GPS location of your pet
  • Online profile can include multiple contact details, dietary and medical information about your pet, insurance details and vet information
  • Guaranteed for 1 year against breakage


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