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Rescue Centres

Bow Wow Meow is proud to be working in partnership with Rescue Centres throughout the UK


“Rain Rescue put a disc on every dog that comes into our care showing our contact details.  Upon adoption, we provide the new owner with a BOW WOW disc including in the adoption. This means we are comfortable knowing that its not something that gets lost or the new owners forget to buy the dog one.  We have always done this, and it gives us peace of mind knowing that in those first few days and weeks they go to their new homes, they have the correct contact details on, a lovely clear tag thats not going to be damaged or lost.

We have always done this for our adopters.  However, since changing over to BOW WOW tags, the process is quicker, easier AND CHEAPER!!!.  New owners love to have something for free but its actually included in the price of their adoption - with peace of mind and the added bonus of providing a great gift in with our adoption package, we are more than happy to recommend Rescue Centres using BOW WOW for their tags at point of adoption or for future income generation in your welfare shop." Jacquie Nelson, Round and CEO – Rain Rescue

We have 3 special offers for UK Rescue Centres





Rescue Centre ID Tags with your logo and contact details, for only £2 each


Rescue Centre ID Tags can be ordered for only £2 each plus VAT and postage. The price includes full engraving and a strong split ring.


You can choose from any of tag ranges which include a range of sizes, shapes and colours, to best suit your branding and logo. Allow a lead time of 1- 6 weeks, depending on stock available.


A one-off setup charge of £10 applies, including one sample.




ID Tags with new owner’s details for pets you adopt out for only £4.20


If you wish to order the tags for the adopted pet:

The new rescue pet owner chooses a tag from our catalogue.

You log into your new account at our B2B website and place the order.

We’ll send the tag within 24 hours to the delivery address provided by first class post.

We’ll send you an invoice for £4.20 for any tags you’ve ordered each month.


Your customers can order the tag for their new pet themselves:

Sell your customer one of our coupons.

They can go to our coupon site (, enter the coupon number and order their tag.

We’ll send the tag within 24 hours to the delivery address provided by first class post.

We’ll send you an invoice for £4.20 for any tags that have been redeemed each month.


All tags included except Bling:





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We’ll provide you with a banner code that can be put onto a page on your website.

When customers click the banner the unique code takes them to our website

When an order is placed, 30% of the sale will go straight into your Paypal account.


All products including tags, eZeClips and dog collars:



Email for more information or call 08456800780