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Pet of the month

Calling all photogenic pets and cats or dogs who are ready to strut their stuff on the 'cat' walk!

Each month, we select a brand new Pet of the Month from the photos that our wonderful customers send over to us. We think that your pets look great showing off their fab new engraved pet tags – what better opportunity do you need to show the world just how cute your precious pets are?

Do you think your pet has what it takes to be our next Pet of the Month? Get snapping and submit your favourite photos of your pet wearing one of our tags today via the contact form below. Just add their name and a short blurb to tell us all about them, and you're good to go.

Could your furry friend be our new Pet of the Month? Don’t forget to keep checking back on our website to find out. Paws crossed!


April 2017

I think you will agree that we couldn't possibly pick just one 'Pet of the Week'this week.

Owner Sue has sent in this gorgeous photo of her 2 retrievers wearing Design Paw Blue and Design Silver Pink. She has given us the most wonderful description.

''These 2 gorgeous Golden Retrievers are George (on the left) and his mummy Lily, showing off their lovely new tags! George will be 4 next week and Lily has just turned 8.
They both love getting out and about, playing in the fields, exploring in the wood
s, making friends with everyone they meet!
George is happiest when he's chasing his tennis ball or splashing about in water, whilst Lily prefers to find something stinky to roll in!!
They are both big cuddly bears, and love finishing each day with lots of snuggles.''


Thanks again for taking the time to send this in to us!

Posted on April 10, 2017

March 2017

This weeks 'Pet of the Week' is a Terrier named Harley!


Harley's owners described her as

'Harley is a standard schnauzer five on 15th July and is a sheer delight.  Has a wonderful temperament loves everyone and loves her long walks she has every day.  She is very loyal and enjoys her hols with us in the motorhome. Could not wish for a better dog'


What a lovely dog!




Posted on March 24, 2017

March 2017

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is none other than our new office dog Mia.


Mia started her lead training last week so it was time for her to get her first tag! Due to Mia's size we opted for a Fashion heart small pink tag. Remembering Owners name, address and phone number so it's legal.


Mia is a bundle of fun, she is a Spaniel, so loves to chew and hunt. Despite all of her toys and treats her favourite thing to chew is bottles!


We think you will agree she is just the cutest! 



Posted on March 20, 2017

March 2017

This weeks 'Pet of the Week' is Wilson!

Wilson is Modelling the Kennel Club Orange Square Tag is which part of our Kennel Club Design Range,


This colour goes lovely with his Tan Coat.

I think Wilson would rather be lapping up more water by the looks of his wet face! 

Many thanks to Gail for sending in the photo, and for the fantastic feedback.

Bow Wow Meow Team



Posted on March 3, 2017

February 2017

This week's 'Pet of The Week' is Amber!


Amber is a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla who loves to go to the local café with her owners Faye and Trevor where she snuggles up against them.  She’s incredible affectionate and loved by everyone who knows her. Here she is testing our new Smart Tag which is easily attached and removed using the eZeClip. Our Breed Selector describes Hungarian Vizslas as very sociable dogs, friendly to dogs and humans alike. They tend to be goofy and very affectionate. It is a given they will make you laugh - through their puppy clumsiness and over-excited moves, which can look like break dancing on all four paws!  They are very expressive dogs, who will tell you about their feelings readily. They have a tendency to protect their pack and like to alert their owners with their seal-like bark.  Vizslas thrive best on praise and acknowledgment from owners who give them lots of exercise but also a couch or lap to snuggle up on when it's cold. Sun bathing is one of their favourite activities, and cold weather is definitely not their friend. As this breed needs two to three hours of daily exercise through running, agility dog sport or play with other dogs, the Vizsla is not the ideal dog for everybody. But if you love exercise and activity, this is the dog for you.


Posted on February 26, 2017

February 2017

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Betsy!


Sent in by owner Rod, Betsy is wearing a Small Stainless Bone Kennel Club Utility tag, Because this is a 2 sided tag we don't want any details showing but you can see the smart green medium free disc that comes with it.


I think you will agree Betsy looks ever so smart! Hopefully as she is less than 3 months old she will grow into her tag soon!


Thanks Rod for sending the photo in and for the great feedback given regarding our tags!


Posted on February 13, 2017

February 2017

This week's Pet of the Week is Georgie!!


We could't pick just one photo of Georgie so we have used both on our facebook page.


Owner Lynda says "Georgie loves her walks in Richmond Park and the cold snap we had recently- as you can see! "

We certainly can see that she enjoys them! A smiling dog!


Georgie is wearing a Kennel Club range - Stainless Round Large Utility tag which comes with a free Kennel Club Disc.

Posted on February 10, 2017

February 2017

This Week's Pet of The week is the lovely Mollie!! Mollie is an extra special dog, From a bad start to her life she unfortunately had to have her eye removed. Now adopted by Steve and his family, Mollie is fighting fit and now spends her days being an assistant Locksmith! I think you will agree Mollie is just the cutest and suits her Pink Fashion Bone tag really well! As well as looking super cute in her High Vis!


Thank you Steve for sending in to us!



Posted on February 3, 2017

January 2017

Happy New Year!


This Week's Pet of the Week is Misty!


Misty is an 11 Week old Weimaraner, Her Owner Steve has sent in the most lovely selection of pictures. The Kennel Club Paw really matches her coat and beautiful Eyes.


Many thanks for taking the time to update us with a lovely picture of Misty.

Posted on January 3, 2017

January 2017

This week's Pet of the Week is Willow!


Willow is a 21 month old Cockapoo who's owner is Linda, She is described as having a fun and lovely nature! She loves cuddles pinching socks and tea towels!


Willow is pictured wearing our Stainless Star Tag. Thanks Carmel and Linda for the lovely picture.

Posted on January 3, 2017