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Pet of the month

Calling all photogenic pets and cats or dogs who are ready to strut their stuff on the 'cat' walk!

Each month, we select a brand new Pet of the Month from the photos that our wonderful customers send over to us. We think that your pets look great showing off their fab new engraved pet tags – what better opportunity do you need to show the world just how cute your precious pets are?

Do you think your pet has what it takes to be our next Pet of the Month? Get snapping and submit your favourite photos of your pet wearing one of our tags today via the contact form below. Just add their name and a short blurb to tell us all about them, and you're good to go.

Could your furry friend be our new Pet of the Month? Don’t forget to keep checking back on our website to find out. Paws crossed!


March 2018

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Darcy, a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier adopted from Pennine Pen Rescue

Darcy has a special story as she had a difficult start to life. Her first 12 weeks were spent living in the handbag of a homeless lady, she was taken in to foster care and spent time with different families, until a home was found. Then unfortunately more bad news for Darcy as her forever home brough her back as they couldn't commit to her care.

Now 15 months old, Sam has adopted her and she will be her forever owner, she has been walking in snow, gales and wind throughout this rubbish weather but has loved every minute of it! Sam says she will be cherished as a member of the family and is an absolute beaut.


Thank you Sam for sending in Darcy and her story, we love a happy ending! Darcy is wearing a Stainless Bone Tag!



Posted on March 2, 2018

February 2018

This Week's 'Pet of the Week' is Teddy!

Teddy is a 15 week old Chorkie, who loves going on adventures, especially walks in the park. He loves to socialise with other dogs and people. He follows and learns from another larger dog and he also loves a treat!

Teddy's owner mentioned how they were due to for his first trip to the beach. We do hope Teddy had fun,our own  Office dog Mia visited the beach for the first time last week too and she loved it!


Owner Katie says Teddy is a blessing to their family's lives and brings them a lot of joy and happiness.


Teddy is wearing a Kennel Club Bone! He looks very handsome and smart.


Thank you Katie for taking the time to send Teddy into us.



Posted on February 23, 2018

February 2018

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Maud!


Maud is a 6 month old Miniature Schnauzer, owner Harold describes her as a real live wire who loves playing in the garden with her toys and she also likes playing a game of hockey with Harold's Grandson.


She loves her walks and keeps Harold active now he has retired.


Maud is pictured wearing a Stainless Round tag with her free Kennel Club Disc (Available with all Kennel Club orders) I think you will agree Maud looks very smart with her tag.


Many thanks Harold for sending her in.

Posted on February 2, 2018

January 2018

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Sasha! Sasha is a Japanese Shiba Inu.

Roland has shared the most wonderful story with us this week.

After Roland and his wife sadly lost their dog Kizzey to cancer last July at the grand age of 15 and a half, the pair were lost without a dog. Within 2 days they had made the decision to get a new one and decided to call up the top breeder in England and she asked them to visit that day as had 2 dogs to pick, a 10 week old and a 5month old. Roland told us - 

"So my wife and myself went over to have a look,and the two of them were out in there pens waiting for us. I went up to the 5 month old ones pen and she came running across the pen, jumped up to me and gave me licks to say hello, my wife went to the little 10 week old one and she got little nibbles which you get when they are that small, we then swapped over and the same happened to the both of us. Liz the breeder was watching all the time. I looked at my wife and she at me and I said "Which one then?" Liz then said to the both of us, "I think the dog has picked you." This was the 5 month old one,which we named Sasha. On my 65th birthday. we picked her up and she was street ready, having already been vaccinated, wormed and her claws trimmed.

Sasha is absolutely gorgeous and has such distinct features. Thanks so much Roland for sharing your wonderful story. Sasha is wearing a Stainless Bone Large tag, engraveable on both sides.


Posted on January 26, 2018

January 2018

This Week's Pet of the Week is Nelson!

Nelson is an 18 month Giant black lab who loves meeting new friends both humans and doggy! Owner Julie says he full of mischief and fun, not that you would know by his face in the pictures! and promises hes happy on the inside haha :)


Jullie ordered 2 tags for Nelson one for his collar and one for his harness as she was so pleased with it.Juklie Ordered Stainless large Round Tags that have 2 sides so can have up to 8 lines. Perfect for those with a lot of info.


And from this adorable photo we can definitely see why Labradors have been voted Britains Favourite Pet this week, (See our other post for more details)


Thank you Julie for Sending into us. We think he is absolutely gorgeous.

Posted on January 17, 2018

December 2017


This week's 'Pet of the Week' and final one for 2017 is Chip.

We have saved Chip's photo in the nominations for a few weeks because he is absolutely adorable! Chip is modelling a stainless round small tag which can be engraved on both sides.

Owner Amy nominated Chip via our facebook page. ''He is a rescue dog and was adopted a few weeks ago from the RSPCA He loves lots of cuddles and attention and is very loving! We are so glad we found him!"


Thank you Amy! and Merry Christmas from everyone at Bow Wow Meow Pet Tags

Posted on December 21, 2017

December 2017

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Jethro!
Jethro is a former Cats Protection rescue cat and is 5 years old.  He shows his impatience when waiting for his dinner by pulling the fridge magnets off and knocking them on to the floor.  Owner Ann had to buy him a new collar and tag as his little brother Bert Buddy Baggins stole his old one and hid it!
He sounds like a very cheeky cat to us! but is modelling his stainless cat on a blue collar beautifully. 
Thank you Ann for sending a lovely picture of Jethro in to us. 

Posted on December 8, 2017

December 2017

This Week's 'Pet of the Week' is Guinness!

Owner Sarah sent in a photo with the following description "My boy Guinness sporting his new tag, Guinness with be 14 in March. He has gone deaf and has arthritis but still does really well. He loves our walks up the fells in Cumbria. His favourite food is chicken and gravy bones. My world!"

We agree that despite Guinness's issues he can still raise a lovely smile! Guinness is modelling our Stainless Bone Large tag, which is highly durable and can be engraved on both sides.

Thanks Sarah for taking the time to send Guinness into us!

Posted on December 3, 2017

October 2017

This week's 'Pet of the Week' is Elvis!


Elvis's tag was sent all the way to Nepal! It didn't arrive the first time but glad it arrived as I think you will agree Elvis looks absolutely smashing in his tag!


Owner Maya says he is now the coolest dog in Kathmandu Nepal! and she told her dad (Phil) off who sent us in the photo for not telling us he is an English Cocker Spaniel!


Thank you so much Maya for sharing a picture of Elvis with us! We love his name, we love how handsome he is and we love that you picked a great tag!

Posted on October 26, 2017

October 2017

This week's Pet of the Week is 'Flora!'

Flora is a Newfoundland , she is 7 years old but unfortunately suffers from a slipped disc, so slow gentle walks and gentle massages from her mum and lots of brushing! (We can see why!)


Thank you to owner Lynn for taking the time to send in a gorgeous photo of Flora and she looks very smart in her Fashion Bone tag.


Posted on October 13, 2017