Pet Tags
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To order your new pet tag, please follow this step-by-step guide and choose the right tag for you and pet with ease and security.

Choose a tag that you like for your pet from any of our tag ranges – Fashion tags, Colorful Designer tags, Sparkling Bling tags, Glitter and Brass & Stainless tags.
Choose the design that takes your fancy or would look good on your pet.
Choose the right size for your pet!

Add your engraving, where applicable.


You can choose what information you would like to be engraved on your dog's ID tag.  However, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 specifies that identification details should include the owner's name and address. House number/name and postcode is acceptible to most council dog wardens, but check with your local dog warden if you are not sure. Dog wardens do request that at least one phone number is engraved for speedy return of your dog. Some Kennel Club trainers will require the first line of the address and postcode. The Kennel Club recommends not including the dog's name on the tag.


Please note: From April 2016, all dogs are required to be microchipped by law.


Please only use letters and numbers and avoid using extra spaces and unnecessary punctuation. All text will be centred but some browsers may not display this correctly.  The more characters and spaces, the smaller the engraving will be.  Therefore, we may change the layout of your requested engraving or abbreviate some of the text to better fit the text. 


Review your new pet tag before confirming your order.
Here is your chance to add another pet tag or an eZeClip to your order before you checkout.  If you change to a smaller tag be careful that your engraving will still fit – you might have to make some adjustments.
Submit your order! We will send you an order confirmation email; please check this to ensure the delivery and engraving details are correct. We do accept changes up until 9.30am the next working day after your order was placed.