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Stainless Steel Disc Pet Tag - Only £9.99 inc. shipping

  • Made from durable stainless steel, purrfect for pets who go in the water a lot, or those especially active pets who can be rough on their tags! Round shape, with your choice of engraving on the front and back of the tag in clear UPPER CASE text.
  • Latest technology laser engraving, guaranteed for 5 years against breakage and fading.
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23x26mm (5g) or 0.91x1.02in (0.176oz), recommended for all cats and dogs up to 10kg/20lb

26x31mm (8g) or 1.02x1.22in (0.282oz), recommended for dogs 10-25kg/20-50lb

32x36mm (11g) or 1.26x1.42in (0.388oz), recommended for dogs over 25kg/50lb

38x44mm (19.5g) or 1.49x1.73in (0.687oz), recommended for very large pets

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