Pet Tags
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Sun & Moon Pet Tag - Only £8.99 inc. shipping

  • Made from strong metal with a shiny nickel finish and durable image on the front.
  • Your choice of engraving on the back of the tag.
  • Guaranteed for 5 years against breakage and for life against fading.
  • &£;8.99 including first class post within 24 hours.
Choose your tag sizearrow

22x27mm (10g) or 0.86x1.06in (0.353oz), recommended for all cats and dogs up to 10kg/20lb

25x30mm (13g) or 0.98x1.18in (0.459oz), recommended for dogs 10-25kg/20-50lb

30x35mm (18g) or 1.18x1.38in (0.635oz), recommended for dogs over 25kg/50lb

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