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Medical Alert Pet Tag - Only £8.99 inc. shipping

We all love our pets, and keeping them safe and healthy is a priority. This is especially the case if your furry friend has a medical condition for which you need to be ever-prepared.

Our medical alert tag is an innovative yet simple way to make sure your cat or dog is always able to get the help they need.

Whether you want to warn others of your pet's allergies or prepare them for diabetes and epilepsy - a simple note or instruction on the back of this tag, with emergency contact details will help keep them safe.

So enjoy peace of mind when your cat is out gallivanting or your pooch is at the parlour; invest in a medical alert pet tag today.

  • Made from strong metal with a shiny nickel finish and durable image on the front
  • Your choice of engraving on the back of the tag
  • 5 Year Guarantee against breakage. Lifetime Guarantee against fading
Choose your tag sizearrow

22x27mm (10g) or 0.86x1.06in (0.353oz), recommended for all cats and dogs up to 10kg/20lb

25x30mm (13g) or 0.98x1.18in (0.459oz), recommended for dogs 10-25kg/20-50lb

30x35mm (18g) or 1.18x1.38in (0.635oz), recommended for dogs over 25kg/50lb

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