Posted on April 10, 2015

Your pet could be The Biggest Loser too!

Want your special pet to lose some weight and get healthier?  Be inspired by the Biggest Pet Loser and enter this year’s Pet Fit Club’s pet slimming contest to be in the running for a free pet tag and eZeClip!

Check out these ‘before and after’ photos of Daisy the Bulldog, crowned the UK pet slimmer of the year.  Diet queen Daisy, from Middlesbrough had ballooned to over 4st 6lbs, making her more than 40 percent overweight.  She would only exercise when bribed with ham and would even steal food from the fridge!  With Pet Fit Club’s support and her owner Gillian’s determination, Daisy lost an impressive 27% of her bodyweight.

Animal charity, the PDSA, has warned that obesity has become vets’ number one concern for dogs.

The latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report discovered that six million dogs in the UK exercise outside the home or garden for only an hour or less a day. Just like in adults, lack of activity for pets can lead to obesity which may contribute to life-shortening health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Dogs aren’t the only pets struggling to beat the bulge. Many of the country’s furry companions are seeing similar problems. Rabbits – the nation’s third most popular pet – are getting larger, reported the PDSA.

So, how is the industry tackling pet obesity? Many pet store retailers already stock foods that support weight loss. Veterinary experts are offering advice, and often specialist clinics, to tackle pets’ growing waistlines. The PDSA is also doing its bit for the health of the country’s animals. It has launched its annual Pet Fit Club competition and is urging the owners of Britain’s biggest pets to help their companions regain a healthy weight.

Nicola Martin, PDSA Head of Pet Health and Welfare, said: ‘Over the past decade, Pet Fit Club has transformed the lives of some of the UK’s most obese pets, having helped nearly 100 animals shed over 60 stone so we are welcoming entries again and offering our expertise.’ If you are interested in taking part enter at before April 26.  Email us before and after photos of your pet’s progress at and you’ll be in the running for a free pet tag and eZeClip.

We’ll be posting tips to help you and your pet achieve their goals this month!


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