Wonderdog School – A fantastic online training course for puppy and dog owners which you can join now!

We’re excited to be partnering with Australian celebrity vet, Dr Katrina Warren, who, with her friend and top dog trainer Kelly Gill, has created Wonderdog School an interactive online training program puppy and dog owners can use to become confident, knowledgeable dog owners with social, well behaved, happy dogs.

Dr Katrina explains how Wonderdog School came about:

“We spend a lot of time travelling around Australia to pet expos and events with our team of Wonderdogs providing entertainment and education for the public. We meet thousands of dog owners and many of them tell us they are frustrated with their dog’s behaviour.

They want to know how to train their dogs to be fun, well behaved companions. They tell us they need help to resolve problems like jumping up, housetraining, pulling on the lead, barking, chewing, digging……

Finally, help is at hand!

Wonderdog School was created from our genuine love of dogs and our desire to help more owners experience the loyalty, love and fun that a great relationship with a happy, well behaved dog can bring.

A couple of years ago I realised that many owners completed Puppy Classes but were then unsure how to continue training their young dogs and subsequently experienced problems when their puppies became adolescents.

I discovered that many people wanted to train their dogs, but didn’t want to be locked into giving up their Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to attend traditional dog training classes. Nor did they know where to find help to solve minor everyday dog behavioural problems. It saddened me to see so many dogs surrendered to rescue centres, purely due to lack of good training, management & socialising.


I figured there had to be a better way. I wanted to do something positive to improve animal welfare and help owners get the maximum enjoyment from dog ownership.

As luck would have it, my friend Kelly had similar thoughts. We have both always been passionate about helping owners find joy in training their pets. We knew it was possible for dogs to enjoy learning with their tails wagging & smiling faces. We knew that training could be fun for everyone with no stress. Developing a strong life long bond with our dogs was everything to us and we knew it could only be done using positive training techniques to gain trust and respect.

We just needed to find a way to inspire more owners to train their dogs and experience a happy lifelong relationship with their animal companions…

So, we came up with a plan – a new way to make puppy and dog training accessible, easy, convenient and fun by creating an interactive online program, giving every owner the opportunity to confidently train and manage their puppy.

I’m a veterinarian with many years experience as a successful television presenter (appearing on Australian TV shows Totally Wild, Harry’s Practice and more recently as the resident vet on the Today Show). Kelly is a veterinary nurse and also a renowned puppy trainer and dog class instructor. We knew that between us, we had the skills and knowledge to empower owners to successfully train their dogs.

So, we created Wonderdog School, for all dog owners like you – owners who want to enjoy raising a happy, healthy, well behaved dog.

tickDog training made simple, effective and accessible

tickSolve problems in real time

tickPractical tips and advice

tickSet your dog up for life

You can now take part in a fun and interactive four week online program that delivers a wealth of practical information to help you understand, enjoy and train your dog.

Once you sign up, we unlock a series of exclusive videos, fact sheets and training tips over the four week period. You’ll also receive weekly emails to remind you about the lessons and the time for the weekly live online chat session (where you can ask us any question you want in real time).

Our emphasis is on helping you set up an easy training plan using positive training & good management.

We’ll provide you with the tools and resources to train your dog to become a happy, well behaved companion for life, for less than £20 a week.”

Find out more at Dr Katrina’s Wonderdog School.


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