Keeping your pet healthy during the winter months

At first, winter can be exciting, particularly with Christmas and the festivities to look forward to.  However, once January arrives it’s normal to feel the winter blues coming on and start dreaming about spring and summer.  But we shouldn’t wish away our lives as every day is precious!  We should take advantage of the cosy side to winter – snuggling by the fire, eating roasts and comfort food, layering up for long walks in the woods, hanging out with family, friends and pets, while we have a little more time.

We need to think about our pets, who need extra care during winter.  Your pets will need to feel loved and cared for more than ever in winter as the cold can upset them.

Keep your pets nice and warm

Pets deserve to live in a warm environment.  Their coats will help, but the British winter can be cruel and pets with the thickest of coats can suffer.  Here are dog breeds that are particularly sensitive to the cold.


Look for a nice, waterproof winter coat

Whether or not you like or agree with dressing up your pets, the truth is that winter coats can make a big difference to the comfort of your dog.  A waterproof coat will protect them from rain and snow, and the padding will make them more inclined to be motivated to go out into the dead of winter to exercise.  Check out these waterproof dog coats.


A snuggly sweater can make all the difference

For some particularly sensitive dogs, and for very young or old dogs, a snuggly sweater can feel wonderfully luxurious in the cold.  We love our festive Canine Boutique cable knit sweaters for small dogs in sizes Small, X Small and XX Small and they’re a bargain in the clearance sale.

A healthy exercise routine is vital

Rain, hail or shine (or indeed snow!), try and stick to your regular routine of walks with your dog.  If they’re reluctant rug them up in their new coat.  They’ll soon cheer up once their blood starts pumping.  It’ll be a great way for you to keep those extra winter calories at bay too!dog-running-in-snow

Keep up the healthy diet

Keeping warm requires energy and your pets will burn more calories during the colder months so they often do need a bit more food in winter.  Get some advice from your vet if you’re worried about weight gain, and keep up the exercise to burn any excess energy.  Daily long walks for dogs will do the trick, and remember, you can play games with cats that keep them moving.


Take your pets for winter check-ups

It’s worth taking your pets for a health check-up during winter, especially if they have an existing condition that should be monitored, or if they are older.  This may save you worry down the track. dog-at-vet

Long coats need caring for

No matter what time of year, keep your pet’s coat well groomed.  Hair that is knotted and matted can lead to health problems.  Dogs should continue to have their hair washed and cut and a nice brush not only feels wonderful, it will help keep their coats healthy.  Remember to trim the nails on dogs and cats as well, or at least get your vet to do it at their winter check-up.


Make sure your pets have a warm place to sleep

Pets often rest more in winter, so give them a cosy place to snuggle up, especially if they sleep outside.  Inside they’ll just need a warm room, free from draughts, and a soft, warm bed to lie on.  Cats often like to sleep at a height where they feel more secure.


We’re sure if you follow our tips, you and your pets will enjoy winter and be healthy and fit when spring arrives!

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