Update on Daisy!

We’re very excited that one of our Pet-Tags pets, Daisy the Dalmatian, is ready for the big date with The Stud!  A couple of months later than expected, but better late than never!  Natasha noticed Daisy behaving a bit differently just before the obvious tell-tale signs.  The timing also means that Natasha can relax over Christmas and not be distracted in mid January when new puppies arrive (if all goes well next week).  So Thursday morning, followed by the backup session on Saturday, will hopefully result in a healthy pregnancy!  I just hope Daisy and The Stud like each other.  They do make a beautiful couple. 🙂

Looking forward to posting the next update! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our fantastic range of pet ID tags and eZeClips at Pet-Tags.

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