Posted on August 23, 2016

Treat Your Pooch this Dog Day


If your best friend is small and furry, has four legs and loves to go for walkies, then you’re not alone. Here in the UK, the dog – also known as man’s best friend, has been by our sides for as long as we can remember, and this August we celebrate National Dog Day in all its glory!

Whether you have a pup of your own or simply can’t help but smile when you see a dog in the street, loving life for all its worth, no matter what, we think that this is a day we can all appreciate.

Dogs are devoted and kind-hearted at all times, protective and supportive in times of need, and most of all, full of love and loyalty. So, this August 26th, let’s give a little back to the dogs of this world.

There are so many ways that you can celebrate this day for all pooches, but we’ve put together a few of our own suggestions for you.

  1. Throw a Puppy Party for your dog and all of their doggy friends. Dog treats, fancy dress costumes, toys a plenty, and the combination of all those treats will make for a fantastic photo opportunity and some quality time with your pooch.
  2. Treat your dog to a new collar, a dog ID tag or a new toy – after all; it’s not every day that’s dedicated to dogs around the world! Let’s not forget that even though dogs are now required by law to be microchipped, it still pays to give your dog a tag for a swift return home if they ever get lost.
  3. Volunteer at your local dog home or shelter – you can walk the dogs and help them find their new forever home, even if you can’t take one on yourself
  4. Similarly, if there are people in your neighbourhood that struggle to get out and about, they might appreciate you helping out by walking their beloved pet or even just getting them some food.
  5. Keep your home puppy proofed at all times – keep chewable cables and items out of reach, keep food, drink, and chemicals shut in cupboards and ensure that your home is clean and tidy, ventilated and comfortable for your pet. Remember, fresh water should always be available as well as a healthy, balanced diet.
  6. Grooming and teaching your dog tricks is a great way to bond with your dog. They live for your attention and this one-on-one time will keep their minds active as well as keep them happy. Training your dog is a great way of boosting that human doggy bond.
  7. Take your dog for a special day out to their favourite place. This might be the beach or the woods or even the local park. This is ideal for exercise, and spending time together brings you closer.
  8. Donate blankets and toys to local charities to ensure that even pups without a forever home are well cared for and can enjoy life until they find a family.

However you choose to celebrate, be sure to show your dog some extra special love, care, and attention on this special day – doggy treats all round!

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