Posted on May 30, 2017

Treat Your Dog to Some Luxury


Caring for a dog is not easy and requires a lot of love and commitment, but for those that are willing to put the time in, the rewards are endless! When looking to adopt a pooch, it is important to always keep in mind that an animal is for life and not just a few years – much like having a child.

The main difference between having a pet and a child is that your child can communicate their needs to you, whereas your pet can’t, but there are ways around this!

First of all, when adopting a dog, it is important to remember to be prepared for the future. For a child, this is ensuring they are in good health, teaching them how to speak, read and write ready for their education and lives ahead of them, and the same basic principals apply for a fur baby.

You will need to look into and organise getting them spayed or neutered, arranging for their vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, ensuring your dog is microchipping (this is a legal requirement) and purchasing the all important engraved dog tags so your dog can be easily identified.

Educate, Train and Reward

There are many ways of training your pet which some say is imperative to your dog’s development. You can teach dogs tricks, but also obedience skills and behaviours that you would like your pet to learn, such as listening to commands and treating possessions, children and people with respect.

As you would do with a child, it is important to give your dog plenty of time and affection alongside your training; this will, in turn, encourage your pooch to cooperate in return for the attention you give them. This is why it is important to reward your pup when they do something positive – and not only in the form of edible treats.

Ways to Reward Your Dog for Good Behaviour

Affection – Unlike cats, dogs are incredibly affectionate and love a good cuddle or a head rub. Ensure you give your dog enough affection in return for their loyalty

Gifts – You can treat your dog to healthy treats or even a bone – but not too often – so they can see this as a sign of extremely good behaviour and not an everyday occurrence. Other gifts you can treat your dog to can range from a new bed, blanket or new accessories to make them feel pampered and loved.

Exercise – Dogs love a leisurely stroll around the park or a game of catch; take your dog for regular walks to keep them active. For ultra-good behaviour, why not treat your dog to some luxury designer accessories such as one of these Kennel Club dog tags or luxury dog wear?

Rest assured, if you have the knowledge and patience to care for and nurture your dog, you will no doubt be setting yourself up with a best friend for life!

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