Tips for pet owners for Bonfire Night

Remember Remember your Pets this November

It’s Bonfire Night tonight and this can be a stressful time for pets with loud noises and the potential for injuries.

As usual, vets are expecting an influx of patients as pets are frightened or, tragically, injured by stray or irresponsibly used fireworks. Dogs should never be taken to fireworks displays. Not only will the noises cause fear and stress, sparklers may burn hotter than cooking oil and rockets can reach speeds of 150mph.

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe:

Keeping doors, windows and cat flaps shut and covered can reduce fear and prevent nervous pets trying to escape when the bangs and flashes begin.

Small animals’ houses and cages should be brought inside to reduce the level of noise.

All animals should be allowed to retreat to the safety of a den, hideaway or familiar spot.

Small animals may want to burrow down so add some extra bedding.

Don’t leave cats and dogs shut in a room alone as this can increase anxiety.

Encourage pets to act in a normal manner – paying excessive attention to the noise will convince pets something is wrong.

Be patient with your pets and understand that the unusual circumstances can cause pets to act out of character and cause mess or damage.

Consider high quality herbal natural products and diffusers which can help to calm pets.

Make sure your pets have their collar and pet tag on, just in case for some reason they manage to escape.

Try specialist firework CDs which gradually help to desensitize pets to noises in the run up to New Year.

Hope you all have a fun, safe and calm Bonfire Night!

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