The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Pet ID Tags

Dog Pet ID Tag

If you were forced to wear a piece of jewellery around your neck forever, wouldn’t you want it to be stylish, comfortable and functional? Now think about your pet and extend the same courtesy to them when choosing pet ID tags.

Choose the right tag and your furry friend will be complimented wherever you go! Rest assured that you will have unlimited bragging rights when you choose Bow Wow Meow Pet Tags.

How to Choose a Pet ID Tag

  1. It is essential to have the most up to date information available on your pet ID tag. Choose a design that is big enough to hold relevant information (consider a two-sided tag in stainless steel, brass or nickel if you want lots of information engraved) and one that suits their personality, too
  2. Choose an accessory that looks good on your pet, after all, they are going to wear them all day, every day. Whether you want a fun design in a bright colour or an engraved tag which is more functional, be sure to choose a tag that works with your pet
  3. Choose a tag that is not too heavy or small for your four legged friends. It should always be proportionate to your pet’s size and weight, allowing them to move easily (anodised aluminium are the lightest)
  4. If you are irritated with the sound of metal clanging, we would recommend not opting for a metal tag or consider getting yourself an eZeClip so you can easily remove and reattach the tag when at home

What Should Be Engraved On A Pet ID Tag?

Comply with the Dog Laws

The UK Dog Laws have rules about what your dog’s ID tag needs to have engraved on it.  Firstly, your name (the surname is fine).  Secondly, your address (house number/name and postcode is OK but if your dog is going to be involved with The Kennel Club’s Training or Award programs, you’ll need the full address).

Besides saving yourself a possible £2,000 fine if your dog isn’t wearing appropriate and legal ID, if a kind soul happens to find your pet, they will be able to return it right to your doorstep. The Kennel Club recommend NOT including your pet’s name, but you can choose to include it if you want.

Your Contact Number

If your pet runs away or gets lost, it is much easier to get it back safe and sound if you have your most recent phone number engraved on its pet ID tag. A missing pet can easily be returned if people know how to get in touch with you.

However, this is the information that should be changed instantly if you ever change your phone number.

While it is now a legal requirement that dogs are microchipped with essential and important information, having a tag with accessible information could see you reunited with your pet much sooner, as the person who has found your cat or dog might not necessarily have time or money to go into a veterinary surgery.

For more information about your options or our range of tags that will help keep your pet safe and sound, please browse our site today.

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