Posted on May 23, 2014

The 12 Friendliest Cat Breeds

 It’s fair to say that cats can be curious creatures, but the aloof and antisocial stereotypes that some place on felines are unreasonable. Plenty of pussycats adore attention, cuddle sessions and even games of fetch. Certain breeds are especially likely to show this type of behaviour. Every cat comes with its own distinct personality, which can always differ from the breed standard, but if you are looking for an extra-friendly feline than these cats could make the purrfect picks. Read on and meet the nicest kitties on the block. And don’t forget that a ID tag will help reunite you with your precious kitty more quickly if he or she strays.  See our great range of cat tags in all our ranges at Pet-TagsUK and enter discount code CATS12 to get 12% off your tag purchase.

12. Exotic ShorthairExotic Shorthair

If you are looking for a constant lap warmer, Exotic Shorthair cats are happy to take on the job. These cats are known for their loyalty and affection, following their owners around the house and cuddling with them whenever they are offered the chance. Exotic Shorthairs tend to be cautious around too much activity, so it may take them some time to warm up to children and strangers. But once you are in an Exotic Shorthair’s heart, it’s a dedicated companion.

11. AbyssinianAbyssinian

Unlike the Exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian is all about activity. This breed is active, intelligent and adores playing games. The Abyssinian is undiscriminating when it comes to playmates. They enjoy interacting with people of all ages, family and strangers. The Abyssinian’s adaptability makes it a great choice for parents who want a cat that can hang out with their little ones.

10. PersiansPersian

Like their squished-faced relatives the Exotic Shorthairs, the Persian is a gentle breed that lives for a good petting session. These cats are quick to return affection if you offer it, as long as you are not too rough with them. While the Persian isn’t extremely active, this breed does enjoy being surrounded by others, sitting close and taking in the scene.

9. Russian BlueRussian Blue

Don’t be fooled by talk that Russian Blues are aloof; these cats just like to observe before they act. Once this breed is comfortable with you, expect them to always be close by. Russian Blues love to play and be a part of everything you do, including sharing your bed. Because of their reserved nature, Russian Blues won’t rush to be a part of social gatherings. Once they feel settled, they are quick to come out and accept their cuddles.

8. BurmeseBurmese

The Burmese is a people pussycat. These kitties thrive on attention and quickly gets it with their charming demeanour. Burmese cats love to “talk” about their day while parked in your lap. They are happy to accept attention from any person or pet willing to dish it out. In fact, Burmese cats thrive on affection so much that experts recommend adopting another animals to keep them company if you are often out of the home.

7. SiameseSiamese

Siamese cats share many of the Burmese’s loving qualities, plus an added dose of curiosity. Siamese cats not only crave your attention, they want to be part of everything you do. They will happily butt in on chores, meals and TV time. Because of their range of interests, this breed is also known for easily getting along with everyone and often acting like a dog. Siamese are so canine-like that have been known to take up leashed walks and games of fetch.

6. SomaliSomali

The Somali is another cat breed that takes a more active approach to getting attention. This breed lives to play games and try puzzles, and is eager to do it with anyone who is interested. Their high energy levels and love for bonding make Somalis ideal for agility training. While this breed loves attention, they do not like to share it with other pets. Somalis seem to thrive best when they are the only pet and are the furry spotlight of a home.

5. RagdollRagdoll

Ragdolls got their name for the limp body position they have when getting attention. This breed is basically built for affection. Ragdolls are laid-back, and are often willing to put up with a lot if it means getting attention. This breed is not big on exploring, preferring to follow owners around the house and stay within petting distance. These cats usually keep this affectionate, kitten-like demeanour into old age.

4. BirmanBirman

Birmans maintain a balance between playfulness and affection. These adaptable cats like playing games with other pets and children, but also appreciate a good cuddle when everything has calmed down. Not steadfast lap cats, Birmans will occupy themselves for periods of time and they eagerly seek you out for a good head scratch. Because of this flexible attitude, Birmans usually do not have trouble warming up to new guests.

3. ManxManx

The Manx is known for not having a tail, but that doesn’t stop this breed from socializing. Smart and observant Manx cats are quick to join in on social gatherings and games. They love to play fetch and try out new toys. These kitties adore company and especially appreciate those who are willing to listen to them “talk” about their day. Once you gain a Manx’s trust, which shouldn’t take very long, the cat will always be a dedicated companion to you.

2. Maine CoonMaine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of those cats that can get along with just about everyone, animal or human. This breed can easily adjust its personality from playful to relaxed, and equally enjoys play and cuddle sessions. This flexibility also makes this breed a great travel companion, especially since most Maine Coons take to leash training easily. These cats will let you know how special you are to them by frequently giving you head butts and following you from room to room.

1. SphynxSphynx

A recent study of different cat breeds found that Sphynx cats tend to be the sweetest kitties towards strangers. The hairless felines are quick to cuddle with anyone for warmth, but also for attention. This breed does not enjoy too much alone time, so they can often be found “helping” with whatever others in the household are doing. Hungry for love at all times, Sphynxes are known for doing silly things to keep their owners engaged and attentive.

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