Posted on July 7, 2016

Stay Safe with Engraved Pet ID Tags


Our pets are much like children, in that we love and protect them at all times, and they need almost constant attention and supervision. Unlike children, pets can’t communicate with us verbally (in a way that we fully understand, anyway) which means that when accidents do happen, we often don’t know about them until after they happen.

It has been reported that over 1000 house fires are started accidentally by our pets, every year. While you might not think this applies to your furry friend, it is still important to exercise caution – always better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Should there be an emergency in your home, you want your family to be safe – and this includes your pets.

Engraved pet ID tags are a great way of allowing emergency services to care for your pets should they get lost or caught in an accident.

In the case of fires in the home, this is more important than ever. Pet Fire Safety Day is on July 15th and was launched by the Kennel Club and ADT Security Services to ensure that pet owners are aware of potential fire risks in their homes and to avoid adding to the statistics.

Preventative Measures Around the Home

– Don’t leave open flames unattended around your pets. It is also wise to have any candles that you do have lit in front of pets well out of harm’s way. Cats like to jump up so always ensure it is somewhere they cannot reach – or knock over

– Keep the kitchen a pet free-zone when you are out of the home – or ensure that your cooker knobs are covered and not able to be knocked by an excitable dog

– Flame-less candles are a wonderful invention – all of the cosy, intimate atmosphere of a candle – with the safety of a bulb

– Use stainless steel or ceramic water bowls for dogs – not glass. This is most important if placed on a wooden decking area as the glass can reflect the sun onto the wood and cause a fire

– Ensure your pets have collars with their engraved ID tags visible when out and about

– Keep your pets in one room if you are leaving them home alone. This way they are easy to locate should there be an accident and emergency services need to locate them

– You can get monitored smoke detectors as an additional layer of security. They alert emergency services if there is a situation at home and your pets are trapped

– Medical alert tags are also beneficial should your pet require specific medical attention

Here’s hoping that you never need to experience an emergency in your home with your family and pets at risk – but if the worst ever does happen, it pays to be prepared.

For more information about our range of available pet ID tags, please browse our website or contact our team today.

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