Spending Quality Time With Your Pet


There is no doubt that your pet gives you endless love, but with day to day life, it can often be difficult to find time to spend with your pet. You don’t need to stop doing things you love, but you can include your pet in the things that you do.

If you have a dog, you could treat him or her to a new dog tag, or buy a new toy for your cat if you have one, but there’s nothing either would like more than to spend some quality time with you.

There are tons of ways that you can spend time together, from exercising to relaxing, but if you’re a little stuck for ideas, then here are some suggestions to help.

Do Some Exercise

If you’re a fitness fanatic, then spend some quality time with your pet, exercising. This is perfect if you own a dog – why not go for a long walk or even a run? It will allow you to get your daily fix of exercise whilst spending some quality time with your four-legged friend.

It isn’t just dogs that need exercise! If you have a cat then invest in a cat climber so that they can work out while you do your own exercises. Some people even involve their cats in their training routine by using them as a weightlifting tool – if they let you, that is!

Have a Lazy Day

While it’s nice to go out and do things, spending a lazy day at home can feel just as good, if not better, and what’s better than curling up on the sofa with your pet? This is something that you can do with any pet, cat or dog, and is most definitely something that you will both enjoy.

Set up a movie and a comfy blanket, sit back and relax. You could also get some snacks in for your lazy day, or maybe even just take a long nap together if you wish!

Play a Game

Owning an animal can be stressful at times but one of the best things is that it provides you with an ideal companion for fun and games. If you own a dog then games such as frisbee and chase can be great fun but are equally exhausting at the same time.

If your pet loves to chase things then invest in some new toys for them to play with; dogs love chasing things but so do some cats – out of curiosity or their hunting instinct. Obviously, the ball will need to be a lot smaller for a cat and they may not bring it back to you, but they will love it nonetheless. Go for something simple such as an object attached to string for them to follow while you move it around, it can create hours of fun for you both.

Go Out for Lunch

You may not be in the mood to stay indoors and wish to venture out for lunch, but that doesn’t mean that your pet can’t come along with you. Pet cafes are becoming a popular trend, with some being just for cats and others for dogs; it will give you the chance to enjoy lunch out with your pet and also give them the chance to meet other cats or dogs.

If you have a dog, you could also make a picnic and visit the park. Prepare yourself a light lunch and take along some treats for them and you’re sorted. Plus, it’s the perfect place to work your lunch off, especially if you end up chasing them!

Go Out Shopping

Whilst you might not be able to take all pets shopping there are shops that will allow dogs, which might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re shopping for them. The pet shop will be one place they can go with you, so let them pick out a new toy. Whatever it is that you’re looking to buy, be sure to include your pet.

When you’re back home and relaxing, perhaps shop online for a stylish dog tag or cat tag. If you’re into a bit of sparkle then go for a glitter tag, or, if your pooch is a bit of a diva then check out our designer range of tags here.

Following the above steps should go some way towards ensuring you and your pet have plenty to do together. Here at Pet Tags, we absolutely love cats and dogs and believe that you should be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying for them, too.

We have a wide variety of different shapes and colours available for your pet; so whatever it is you’re into, we should have something for you– simply take a look at the available options on our website today.

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