Posted on July 3, 2015

Preparing for a New Dog

There is so much to consider when preparing for a new puppy to join the family.  People will think about the breed they would like, how old they would like the dog to be, where to find a breeder and the cost to buy a dog.  But there are other important things to consider before making this long-term commitment.  Sainsburys Bank have put together a nice, easy-to-read guide which is full of great tips and checklists aimed to help you make the right decisions and be well prepared to look after and protect your new family member for the long-term.  Check it out Sainsburys Bank’s tips for Preparing for a New Dog and remember that from April 2016 microchipping will be compulsory for dogs in England, Wales and Scotland.  Of course it is also a legal requirement for your dog to wear ID in public places.  You can choose from our fantastic range at Pet Tags, and make sure you comply with the law by having your name and address engraved on it.  We’ll guarantee the engraving for life!

Makes attaching and removing tags easy! We will donate 10% of all eZeClip sales for the rest of this month to the Manchester Dogs' Home.

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