Pet Theft Awareness Day: Protect your Pet


For us pet owners, keeping our pets safe, happy and well is always a number one priority. That is why, should the worst happen, we find ourselves completely distraught. After all, it is our duty to look after and care for our furry friends, so when something unexpected happens it can totally shake our confidence.

In the UK, more than 5000 dogs have been reported as stolen to the police since 2013. And, even worse, this figure shows a 22.3% rise in two years, meaning that the problem of dognapping is becoming worse.

Educate and Inform

This is why Pet Theft Awareness Day is so important. Commemorated on 14th February each year, the day aims to raise attention to the issue of pet thefts and stress the importance of pet identification methods. Engraved pet ID tags are an essential way of making sure that your pet stays safe and protected while out and about.

Pet Theft Awareness Day also aims to educate people about the increasing number of pets being stolen every year, making particular reference to the significant relationship that many individuals and families have with their pets. Animals have the power to enrich the life of your family, so when another person’s thoughtless actions result in the sudden disappearance of such an integral part of family life, it is unsurprising that this can impact people’s lives so deeply.

Engraved Pet ID Tags to Keep your Pet Safe

Bearing this in mind, the work that is done through Pet Theft Awareness Day is vital in this educational process. If pet owners are fully clued up about the dangers and risks posed by dognappers, they are in a much better position to be able to protect their beloved pets from harm.

One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that your pets are wearing engraved pet ID tags at all times when out and about. We have a full range of pet tags available in a wide array of designs and styles. With tags suited for both dogs and cats, there’s no excuse not to get your furry friend kitted out in style with a brand new pet tag!

In addition, it’s worth keeping in mind that dogs are now required by law to wear a tag whenever they are out in a public place, so getting shiny new engraved pet ID tags is more important than ever!

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