Pet-Tags’ new Medical Alert tag can help pets with special needs

Medical Lo Res

Chronic conditions are a fact of life for humans and pets. Diseases are classified as chronic when they last a long time or are permanent. The frequency of chronic diseases increases as the pet ages.

Some common chronic conditions particularly affect elderly pets, including arthritis, liver diseases such as Cushing’s, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and kidney failure. However, young pets can also develop chronic, lifelong conditions such as epilepsy (seizures) and skin allergies (atopy).

Skin allergies accounts for 30% of all dog health insurance claims received, Osteoarthritis accounts for 10%, and hypothyroidism for 7%. For Cats, renal (kidney) failure makes up 25% of all cat health insurance claims, hyperthyroidism 20%, diabetes mellitus 11%, and allergies 8%.

Most chronic conditions require ongoing medication and close management and monitoring, but they may not be obvious to strangers if your pet becomes lost. Pets can also suffer from disabilities that are not so obvious, including partial or full deafness or blindness.

If your pet has a medical condition and is lost, it is important that they are wearing a tag which alerts the person who finds them to their special needs. This can help avoid your pet being fed the wrong food and could mean they will be taken immediately to a vet for care or medication. Whatever the special need, if your pet is lost, they can be better cared if the person who finds them is aware and sensitive to your pet’s condition. The tag can also include vital information which a vet needs in an emergency.

This is why we at Pet-Tags have just added our new Medical Alert Tag to our Designer range. If you pet wears this tag it will instantly alert people to their special needs. On the back you can engrave up to 4 lines of text which can include the name of the condition, any prescribed medications, the vet’s phone number or anything you want the person who finds your pet to know.

Purchase the Medical Alert Tag at Pet-Tags UK for £8.99 including full engraving and first class postage with dispatch within 24 working hours.

All dogs in the UK must wear ID including their owner’s name and address (house number/name and postcode). Order an ID tag at Pet-Tags UK and enjoy a 25% discount off your pet’s Medical Alert Tag.

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