Pet Tags Advice – Keeping UK Pets Healthy

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For many pet owners, having a fur baby is akin to having children, which means having your pet fall ill can be devastating. Sustaining injuries can be just as traumatic, even more so because we aren’t always sure of what happened in order to prevent it from happening again. What we can do, though, is do what we can to keep our pets happy, healthy and safePet Tags have put together some top tips for doing so in the UK.

Unlike humans, when pets are in pain or feeling under the weather, they can’t always fully communicate that there is something wrong with them. More often than not, they give us the silent treatment and wander off to be alone. However, it is important that we know and understand what keeps our pets healthy in order to prevent illness and injury where possible.

Investment in Safety

Everyday items around the home can cause harm to our pets, without us really ever considering them a threat. For instance, we all know dogs can fall sick if they eat chocolate, but grapes are just as toxic to our beloved pooches. Similarly, many varieties of flowers, including Irises, are poisonous to cats. Keep items like these safely out of reach of your pets.

Keep gates securely locked when your pets are outside to ensure they aren’t able to run away. Just in case, it is always worth investing in pet tags. UK legislation requires all dogs need to be microchipped by law, but collars and tags are also a legal requirement, or you could risk a fine of up to £2,000!

Food and Exercise

It is essential that your pet gets the right balance of food in their diet. Puppies and kittens diets will differ substantially to those of ageing cats and dogs, while those in the middle need to have a good balance of nutrients to keep them healthy and strong.

Young pets need specific foods to help them grow and keep their bones and teeth healthy as they develop into adult animals. Older pets need more of certain nutrients in their diet to accommodate for their age.

Exercise is important at all ages for your pets. As well as helping develop agility and skill, it helps to keep your pets lean and in good physical shape. This means they are better placed to fight off any illnesses they may come down with or infections from scratches and bites.

Mental stimulation is just as important for pets – as it will keep them entertained and help them live a longer, healthy life. There are many different kinds of toys and stimuli available to buy for both cats and dogs.

Grooming and Check Ups

Grooming is an essential part of caring for a pet. Not only will it help you bond with your cat or dog, but it keeps them looking their best, too. Long haired pets need brushing every day to ensure they stay comfortable, and no tangled knots form in their fur. Twigs and leaves can often get stuck, so keep an eye on your pets when they are out and about.

If your pets enjoy the great outdoors, it is important to keep on top of flea and worming treatments as they can cause pain and discomfort to your pets.

Scheduling regular checkups with the vet for both physical health checks as well as dental, too, is beneficial. Waiting for illness to strike can be detrimental to your pets overall health – so ensure that you get your pet looked over at least twice a year. This is the best way of detecting underlying illnesses or diseases – while treatment is still an option.

Here at Pet Tags UK, we believe that all pets should enjoy a long and healthy life. By following these top tips, you and your pet will be pals for much longer.

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