Pet Superfoods: Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy


If you make time and effort to help your pet look good with stylish pet tags and a clean, brushed coat, you should be paying attention to what makes them feel good too.

Cats and dogs have specific dietary needs, based on their digestive systems and personal food tolerances. You will likely know that good quality canned or dried foods that provide plenty of nutrients are good for your pet.

But what about fresh foods? Do you know which human foods are safe and beneficial for your cat or dog? More than that, do you know what nutrition dense super foods your pet should be getting in their diet?

See some superfood recommendations, below.

Give your Pooch some Pep

According to Modern Dog Magazine, oatmeal and apple are great foods for dogs, along with flax seeds and yoghurt – meaning your dog could have a better breakfast than you! On top of starting their day right, though, there are lots of super foods you can add to their daily meals and give as treats.

  • Carrots – These classic veggies contain vitamins A, C and K along with lots of other nutrients. They are good for their heart and lungs, their eyesight and their teeth (keeping them clean). Bonus: the satisfying crunch to keep your pup entertained
  • Blueberries – With antioxidant properties to keep cells healthy and rejuvenated, as well as fibre to help digestion and blood sugar. These berries are a sweet treat alternative, but need to be introduced slowly as too many berries can cause digestive problems
  • Sweet potatoes are another antioxidant-rich food your dog can enjoy, aiding digestion, boosting the immune system and making their coat bright and bushy.  Being a low GI food, sweet potatoes will also help your dog to feel fuller for longer
  • Broccoli – This delicious vegetable is rich in nutrients, making it an all-rounder that is beneficial to skin and eyes, as well as digestive system and heart. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to help cellular repair
  • Leafy greens – Leafy greens like spinach and kale are also anti-inflammatory, providing fibre, iron and calcium, along with vitamins A, C and K. Greens like spinach are even good at preventing inflammation and cancer so it is well worth adding steamed greens to your dog’s dinner or baking them some kale crisps
  • Fish oil – Salmon is a firm favourite, and even better, the essential fatty acids it contains (omegas 3 & 6) can improve a dog’s skin and fur. The anti-inflammatory properties also help your dog feel better, easing arthritis and joint problems, and reducing itching and scratching

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

Cats are like humans in that they need a balanced diet, providing protein, carbs and healthy fats. This balance will improve the feel and appearance of fur and skin, as well as prove beneficial to their overall bodily health. Good quality foods will digest well and provide lots of vitamins and minerals too (more on that here).

  • Vegetables – Greens are a minor addition to the cat diet, as they are not as vital as protein to these tiny carnivores. However, greens are important as they provide fibre when needed. Feline friendly veggies include baked carrots, steamed broccoli, green beans and winter squash
  • Dandelions – Considered a cat superfood and found in abundance in the wild (since long before we domesticated these moggies), the dandelion’s leaves and roots help a cat’s digestive system, even detoxifying their liver. They also ease allergies
  • Yoghurt – Cow’s milk can upset your cat’s tummy because the lactose and milk proteins are difficult to digest. Plain, unsweetened and unflavoured whole-milk yoghurt, however, is a tasty and beneficial treat­­
  • Lean meat – Carnivorous cats need meat, and lean meat like cooked pork or chicken (no herbs, spices or sauces please!) give them the protein they need without any nasty pancreas-upsetting fat. Lean meats also give your cat plenty of iron and Vitamin B, proving to be great for its energy and metabolism
  • Fish – We know fish is great for our hair and skin, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids it contains, but this protein-rich food is good for cats too. Oily fish are best, such as salmon or sardines. Remember portion control, though, as too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily great for your cats health

Now you know a little more about how to make your feline feel great and your pooch feel pampered come dinnertime, you can give them a long and happy life.

Pet superfoods work on the outside as well as the in, so your pet will have a healthy and glossy coat to match their shiny new pet tag. For pets with even stricter dietary needs, like allergies and intolerances, be sure to invest in a medical pet tag engraved with their specific requirements.

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