Pet Insurance. Simplified at last.


Wearing an engraved ID pet tag with your details is just one element of responsible pet ownership, ensuring you can be found if your pet gets lost.  But what if your pet was injured or diagnosed with an on-going illness or condition?

So many of our customers complain about the difficulty of comparing different policies and understandably find the UK pet insurance marketplace a confusing and frustrating place.  We’ve listened and are excited to partner with Agria Pet Insurance to come up with a great product for our Bow Wow Meow customers that takes away the confusion.

There’s always a discount for the first couple of months of pet insurance, and we offer the first two months at half price.  On top of that there’s a £25 voucher that can go towards a vet checkup or vaccination.  We’re also throwing in a free engraved insurance pet tag for life – if you move and need to update the details, we’ll replace it free of charge.  You’ll also get one of our popular eZeClips to help with attaching and removing the tag.

And, for a limit introductory period, we’re including one of our Smart Tags so you can join the Pet Retrieve community and start having fun creating your pet’s profile to help reunite you if they are lost.


But what about the policy itself?  We wanted to keep it simple.  It’s a Lifetime Policy so cover will continue for ongoing and recurring illnesses, or injuries that last beyond 12 months.  Then you can ‘pick and mix’ optional benefits that can be tailored to each pet, lifestyle and budget. Any claims are settled quickly, straight into your bank account.

To find out more, visit Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, or call 03330308209 and quote ‘Bow Wow’.

If you have a new puppy, download our free Puppy Guide, for advice on how to best care for your new family member.


If you’re still thinking about which dog breed is right for you and your family, do our quick Breed Selector quiz to find out.


We can help with pet names too!  Check out our database of thousands at Perfect Pet Name.



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