Posted on March 21, 2016

Owning the Coolest Cat on the Block

KittenYou’ve finally got the kitten you’ve wanted for ages and you’re absolutely ecstatic. You’re going to love her, groom her, play with her, buy her a pretty cat ID tag and… wait, hold up! Reality suddenly dawns on you; what if she gets ill? How do you take her out? How will she find her way back home? What will she eat? What if she doesn’t like what she’s given?

And then it hits you; you are entirely responsible for this little kitty, and everything to do with her! Once the cuteness of the pretty little playful kitten has been taken in, it is at this point that many families experience the panic and reality of adopting a pet.

Owning and looking after a pet brings a lot of joy, but at the same time, is a big responsibility – much like being accountable for a child. It is therefore extremely important to prepare yourself beforehand. Do your research, talk to pet owners in your circle of friends and maybe visit a pet shelter before taking the big leap – it all helps.

If you are new to the world of pets, although you will never be 100% prepared for all circumstances, knowing the basics is considerably useful.

Here at Pet Tags UK, we are incredibly passionate about pets, so we thought we would put together a few useful tips for new cat owners; so get learning!

  • Before bringing your new furry friend home, ensure you prepare the essentials it will need, such as a pet carrier, food and drink trays, litter tray, litter, food, a cat ID tag and perhaps a new toy to make them feel right at home
  • Ensure your cat has had its jabs (and remember to book in those annual booster vaccinations), is spayed/neutered and suitably microchipped. This helps ensure your cat can be traced back to you by a registered vet if it is lost and subsequently found. Another idea is to purchase a personalised cat ID tag for your kitten; you can include contact details for yourself, should your cat go wandering off somewhere unexpectedly
  • If you have an outdoor cat, the first time you let your cat out of the home, rub a little butter on its paws at the doorstep, this will help  your cat to find their way home
  • It is always prudent to litter-train your kitten as early as possible, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats
  • When you first bring your kitten home, let it venture out of its carrier, exploring and discovering their new home. Remember to keep your new pet limited to one or two rooms in the house to begin with, however
  • If your new kitten is looking for a place to go to the toilet, pick them up and place him or her in the litter tray. If they walk off, do it again a few more times to ensure your pet knows where their litter tray is and what it is for. They will instinctively cover up their mess
  • It is always a good idea to get a cat ID tag and collar with a bell. Kittens are quite small, so it is always handy hearing where they are if you can’t see them!
  • Eventually, you can start introducing more rooms to your cat until it gets used to its surroundings and begins to feel more comfortable in their new home
  • Try not to stare directly at your cat as this comes across as intimidating; simply blink and look away; this is known as a loving gesture between cats and their owners
  • You will find your kitten is extremely curious whether you are sitting still, or doing general everyday chores. At this age, they are extremely playful and love to hide so make the most of it – as they get older, they start to relax a lot more and are less willing to be so playful with you!
  • Some kittens are scared of new, loud noises: hairdryers, hoovers and washing machines to mention just a few. Some get used to these everyday routines over time, whereas some may always be a little on edge around these items. You will know when your cat is scared and feels threatened, as its tail will look bigger and bushier, and, of course, they will run away and hide
  • Book your cat in for regular flea and worming treatments at your local vets, especially if you have an outdoor cat. It is always good to sign up to a good pet insurance policy, as medical treatments can become extremely expensive should your cat fall ill
  • If you have a pet dog as well, ensure they are all treated at once to avoid a flea outbreak in your home!
  • If you find your cat has started to scratch the sofa and has developed a sudden interest in electrical wires, invest in a cord cover or hide them out of sight. Buy your cat a scratching post, and, it is always handy to have bitter apple or orange peel spray to hand, as they don’t like the smell

There are, of course, countless other things you need to know about your furry addition to the family, so keep your eye out for great tips and advice here.

Your new kitten deserves the very best, so ensure you find them a special tag from Pet Tags UK; use our handy tag finder to find the perfect tag to suit your kitty, or take a look at our website and browse the many different styles of ID tags and pet accessories.

If you would like any further information or have a question about any of our products, contact our pet-friendly team, here.

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