Posted on July 3, 2015

Our popular coloured Crufts tags!

We’ve had an amazing response to our new Crufts tags, part of our exclusive licence with The Kennel Club.  These fun, colourful tags engrave beautifully, and come in yellow, green, blue and purple, and in small and large sizes.

Like all our tags, we guarantee them for life against breakage and fading, so the quality is great.

Check out one of our favourite Crufts dogs, Jake foster, who agreed to model all of his tags in all the different colours.

If you like the Crufts pet tags you can order at Crufts Tags and choose your engraving over 4 lines.  Don’t forget, The Control of Dogs Order (1992) rules that the tag must include the owner’s name and address (at least the house number and postcode) and we recommend a phone number and the word ‘Chipped’ if the dog is microchipped.  That way you can be reunited more quickly if your precious pup  goes missing.



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