Posted on October 3, 2014

Need help finding a lost cat?

When your cat goes missing it can be an extremely stressful time.  Petlog gives great advice on what to do if you’re unfortunately enough to be in this position.

Lost Cat
Here are some really useful tips:

Register your cat with CatAware and they will immediately alert your local community to look out for your cat.  What a great idea.

Contact Petlog’s customer care team to update their database that your cat is missing.  This way, when someone finds your cat and contacts them, you can be reunited much more quickly.  Petlog’s 24/7 line is 0844 4633 999.  Hopefully you have ‘Microchipped’ or ‘Scan me’ engraved on your cat’s ID tag to alert the finder to have your cat scanned at the local vet.  This has also proved to deter thieves.

Check with your neighbours to make sure your kitty isn’t out visiting them or lurking in their garden somewhere, and check anywhere your cat may have been locked in by accident.  Speak to locals, shopkeepers, postmen, etc.

Use social media by posting on Pet-Tags’ facebook page.

Create posters and notices for local distribution.

Contact your local vets, your local Rehoming Centre and your local Animal Warden.

The sooner you get starter the better!  Keep your mobile on you so you can be contacted easily if someone finds your cat.

Although it is not a legal requirement for your cat to wear identification, an ID tag will make it so much easier for the person who finds your cat to contact you.  Include your mobile phone number and the word ‘Microchipped’ which does increase the chances of your cat being returned and deters thieves.  We have some great, lightweight tags in fantastic designs you’ll love and will engrave and post them to you within 24 hours from £8.49.  Order at Pet-Tags.

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