Posted on August 3, 2015

Meet our August Pet of the Month

Bella lives in the countryside in the north of Scotland. Both her mum and dad are working gun dogs but Bella has an easy life as a family pet.  Bella’s owner Brenda tells us she loves long walks in the forest and swimming in the bay where there is a colony of seals. They are very inquisitive and come close to inspect when they hear her swimming. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish dog from seal, as they both have sleek heads, big brown eyes and whiskers.  However the seals don’t retrieve sticks!

Bella is a very friendly dog and never stops wagging her tail, even in her sleep. She wagged it so much one night that she badly bruised it and couldn’t move it for about a week!

She is totally into healthy eating as I discovered when my garden vegetables started disappearing. At first I thought it was deer or pigeons but then I caught her red handed picking French beans off the plant. She also eats the lettuce, strawberries and blueberries.

Despite this she is a joy to have. She is so good natured and happy and a lovely companion.  And doesn’t she look great, wearing her new Kennel Club tag!

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