Let Your Pet Join in the Fun in 2017


January is a great time of year to celebrate the achievements of the last and look ahead to what the year ahead has in store. This year make the time for plenty of fun, celebrations and parties with family, friends and loved ones.

However, if you are hosting a party at home or are planning to go out and celebrate elsewhere, it is important to keep the health and wellbeing of your pets in mind. Engraved pet ID tags can help your pets to stay safe, but how else can you ensure that your pet is relaxed and content?

If it is your turn to host the next get together, it is vital to make sure that your pets are safe and happy and can freely participate in the party atmosphere. Particularly if you have elderly, young or anxious pets, you need to be thinking about their comfort.

Of course, some pets will be utterly unfazed by anything that life throws at them. If your pet is of a more nervy disposition, it can be useful to get a few helpful ideas to point you in the right direction; so you can ensure your pet is as happy as possible during the celebrations.


It is a pretty universal fact that most animals dislike crowds. If you have a large group of people coming round to your house to celebrate, this can be a traumatic experience for some pets. Counteract their fear of crowds or dislike of unfamiliar people by taking the chance to spend time reassuring and comforting your pets. You could also try desensitising your pet by gradually introducing them to new people in advance of the big night.

If it all gets a bit much, it is a good idea to create a safe space for your pets to escape to. Find a quiet corner or a room where your pets can go if they need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Put a bed, favourite toy, and plenty of food and fresh water there for them to use.

Loud Noises

Pets don’t like crowds, but they like loud and sudden noises even less. Easily startled pets are definitely not fans of fireworks. Find a safe and secluded space for your pets to retreat to until any loud, booming noises have ceased.

Alternatively, if your pet prefers company during stressful times, keep nosy guests away and sit quietly with your pet to provide love and attention if they need it. At the end of the day, you know your pet best so use common sense to work out what will work best for your individual pet.

Safety First with Engraved Pet ID Tags

It is always essential to ensure that your pet’s tags are up to date, but at this time of year, it is more important than ever. If your pet happens to fancy an adventure and goes wandering off, you don’t want the stress and worry of a lost pet at a time when you should be celebrating and having fun. We have a wide range of engraved pet ID tags in many different styles, so your pet can stay safe while looking fantastic!

Follow our top tips to get your pet feeling comfortable and happy, all ready to join in the fun with you this year!


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