Keeping Pets Safe at Halloween

Halloween Pug

It’s almost the most spooky time of the year again and Trick or Treaters are gearing up with their best costumes – are you ready for a fright?

While many people enjoy Halloween, the story can be a little different for your pets. Keeping them safe at this time of year is more important than ever before as costumes can cause anxiety with unfamiliar faces, decorations can be disconcerting and there is a much higher chance of there being candles, fireworks and other sources of injury around.

Even if your pets are usually kept indoors, the excessive noise and door knocking and fireworks can frighten them, causing unnatural behaviour. They can run out when you open the door for Trick or Treaters or even choke on decorations that are dangling. We have listed some of the best ways to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

Keep pets away from doors

You will be opening your door constantly for Trick or Treaters and greeting a high-spirited group of children each time you do. Needless to say, your pet may get excited or scared and decide to do a runner right out that open door if you are not careful.

The best way to prevent them from doing this or endangering themselves by getting excited is by keeping them in a separate room during this busy period or avoid answering the door altogether. This is a much better option than keeping them on a lead in front of the door. They might get loose and dart out into the night if they get too excited. If you are worried about this, an engraved pet ID tag could help return your pet home safely.

Keep your Outdoor Cat Indoors

Cats are largely introverts but if yours prefers to be outside, it might be an idea to keep them inside this Halloween. Not only are the streets busier, but the excess noise and people roaming around could spook them into running in a different direction.

Black cats are especially at risk during this time and they are very hard to spot in the dark as well. To prevent your cat from going outside during Halloween, keep them indoors over the few days that will be busy.

Monitor your Pet’s Behaviour

Whether you have dogs or cats, they are likely to be skittish and anxious during the Halloween festivities, since your doorbell will be constantly ringing. They may try to investigate what it going on, jumping up at children at your doorstep, or simply dash out of the house expecting outside to be calmer and safer. Exploding fireworks will fray their nerves as well which can cause behavioural issues down the line.

Take precautions against them by monitoring your pet during the Halloween festivities. Check how they react to the first few visitors and if the show signs of aggression or get scared or dash to the door each time the doorbell rings, confine them in a separate room. Give them toys and treats there so they don’t feel abandoned or confused and have a stress-free and pet-happy Halloween.

These tips might seem simple and common sense, but you’d be surprised how easily we can get caught up in the spirit of things, forgetting about out smaller, furry friends. Ensure they have a safe place to retreat to, and that their engraved pet ID tag is up to date and present!

Have a happy – and safe – Halloween! Boo!

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