10 Ways to Keep Your Cat Purring

One of the quickest ways to a happy home is to have happy children and happy pets. Now, we can’t help with keeping the kids happy, but we can certainly point you in the right direction when it comes to your furry, feline, friends! Cats are very interesting and complex creatures; they’re social and love being around humans, but will often sit and face the wall instead of sitting on your lap. While we can’t make them love you back (sorry!), we can help you change up a few things that will have them purring their gratitude to you.

So, how do you go about doing this? We have compiled the top ten ways, in no particular
order, that we believe will allow your cat to be as happy and content as can be.

  1. dog showItchy and Scratchy – as important as it is to enjoy some bonding time over a nice belly rub or a quick scratch behind the ear, it is also imperative to allow your cat to flex their claws. Ensuring you have a scratching post in place saves your sofa from a shredding but it also lets your cat keep their nails on top form. Similarly, pets that are able to get out of the house are more likely to pick up annoying parasites. Fleas, ticks, mites and worms can easily be picked up, so make sure your cat has been vaccinated and protected before they leave the house!
  2. Out and About – If your cat hasn’t experienced the great outdoors yet, allow them some time outside to stop them from dashing out of the door or making a run for it when the window is open. Invest in a kitty lead or harness or even a feline run to let them enjoy the outdoors, without fear of them running off
  3. “Mr Pusskins, Please!” – Regular check-ups at the vets are as important as our own appointments with the doctor, if not more so, seeing as humans and cats can’t communicate openly. Spotting issues before they get too bad and being able to treat them early on could well prolong their life. A healthy cat is a happy cat!
  4. Accessible Carriers – Many people store pet carriers away, only digging them out for that trip to the vets. Allowing your cat regular access to their carrier to the point where they get in willingly can transform a stressful situation into a run of the mill, everyday task; hassle free
  5. Keep them Safe – Indoor cats are prone to escape, and cats that enjoy the outdoors are likely to want to explore. Keep your cat safe by microchipping, and buying the cat tag of your dreams
  6. Spick and Span – Cats like to be clean and tidy, so keep their litter tray clean and change it regularly
  7. Play Time – Providing your feline friend with plenty of toys and stimulation will engage their brains and keep them healthier. Encourage their instincts with light pens, and give them something to chase. They’ll love it
  8. Teach Me, Oh, Wise One – Teach your cat to do the things that you need them do. If they like to jump up into the fridge when you open the door, teach them that jumping up on a chair is a better indication that they’re hungry. This will help you bond, and you’ll both be happier
  9. Two’s Company – Most cats love to interact with other cats, other pets and humans. The working day can often isolate your ‘stay at home pets’ during the day, so consider getting another pet to keep them company
  10. Hunger Calling – Encourage your cat to work for their food, this stops overeating and reduces the risk of feline obesity. Bury some kibble treats for them to dig for, or buy a food dispenser to feed them periodically throughout the day

Follow some or all of these tips, and we guarantee your lovable, furry friend will be your BFF again before you know it.


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