Is Your Pet Running Your Home?

Pet Running Home Sometimes, people enter into a relationship with a pet without really thinking it through, and much like in Turner and Hooch, the reality can be somewhat different to expectations, which can be tough. Much the same as you would teach a child to be well behaved and respectful, the same love, care and time need to be invested in your pet dog.

Training your dog is a great way not just to spend valuable time bonding with them, but also encouraging them to be around children and stay better behaved; this means you get a dog that is easier to handle. In order to get the best results from training, it is best to pick the right approach in the first place.

Take Back Your Home

First of all, you need to let your dog know that the home is your territory and your domain. While some are happy to step over a sleeping dog in the hallway, your dog should be aware that it is not a suitable place to rest or sleep. Asserting your authority on this matter means exercising your power in a way that is non-confrontational but firm.

If you ask your dog to do something, do not stop the commands until they have done as you have asked. If you give up, they will understand that they don’t really have to do it. You must follow through with these commands to ensure your dog listens to you as the owner.

Where to Begin

The best place to start when training a dog is to teach it to understand his or her name. Call their name often, especially when you want your puppy’s attention. Choose a name that is easy called and enunciated so as not to confuse the dog. Avoid nicknames for this reason, too!

Be aware that training your dog will take some time. Many things worth having are hard work and training your dog will involve a lot of hard work. It is important to remember, also, that it is more difficult and will take longer to attempt to train an older dog, as you will need them to unlearn old habits. Please be patient, it can be harder for older dogs so have plenty of treats on hand!

Dogs can get distracted easily, but can also easily focus on one thing with intent concentration. With enough training, you will be able to get your dog to ignore the distractions and to focus on your commands.

What Not to Do

When training your puppy or dog, do not raise your voice or get angry. This will only upset or agitate them, which will make your training efforts even harder. They will struggle to learn, and will associate further training with negativity – meaning you will become frustrated on a more regular basis.

Don’t just rely on treats to elicit the responses you want from your dog. Reinforce the things you want with positive attention and affirmation. Petting, talking in positive tones of voices and new toys will also encourage your dog to listen and learn.

Don’t punish your pet physically if they do not act the way you want them to. It can break their spirit and stop them from interacting with you and family as they normally would – which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve!

When it comes to training your pet, there are many methods and techniques around, but the most important thing to remember is that your pet needs love and support to garner the results you need as a family and as a team.

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