ID tags as well as Microchipping reunites pets!

Bringing a new puppy home is so exciting and a lot of preparation goes into it.  Despite this, many people still don’t microchip their new pet and often don’t think about an ID tag.  It is so easy for a pet to disappear.  If the gate is left open by mistake, a gap in the fence is found or your dog wanders off at the park off the lead, it can be seconds before your beloved best friend disappears.

Sadly thousands of dogs go missing each year.  ‘Lost’ posters, Facebook pleas and calls to local vets are often the first call to action. If he is microchipped or wearing an ID tag (or preferably both), there’s a much better chance that he’ll be found and returned.

Would you trust your pet to find his or her way home?  We’ve spoken to a few pet owners who’ve told us their amazing stories of being reunited with their four-legged friends!

Sophie tells us the story of her Uncle’s dog who often went to work with his owner but was stolen out of his van.  A week later he turned up after escaping his new ‘owners ‘garden over 200 miles away and a dog warden checked his microchip number and reunited him back with his owner.

Willow, a black cat, was missing for four years.  Her family had given up hope.  Just after Christmas Willow was handed in to a rescue centre, had her microchip scanned and was traced back to her family.  Willow’s owners still have no idea where she was for all those years but were so thankful to have her returned.

Microchipping is important protection for your pet, but an ID tag is just as important.  We know that many pet thieves think that if a pet doesn’t wear a tag, they are up for grabs!  An ID tag with the owner’s contact details make it much harder for a thief to justify stealing the pet.   A name and phone number engraved on a tag is hard to ignore.

Some people find and keep lost pets without ID Tags and don’t think about having the pet scanned.  This is why many of the tags we engrave include the words ‘Scan Me’.

Even tortoises can benefit from having ID!  After being missing for six years one tortoise was discovered at the opposite end of town.  Even more astonishing is how she was reunited… her address was still written on her back in nail varnish!

And finally there is Jane’s story about being reunited with her beloved dog Maximilian.  Jane never thought she’d see Max again, after he disappeared one day when at a park off his lead, and without an identification tag.  But she kept her contact details up to date with Max’s microchip registry, just in case.  A whole decade later, she got an unexpected call.  Someone had brought Max to a rescue centre where it was discovered he had a microchip, registered with a completely different person to the apparent owner.  When Jane received the call from the Centre informing her they had her dog she couldn’t believe it.  Now they’re reunited and Max and Jane couldn’t be happier and are making up for the last ten years of separation.  He’s home for good, and now wearing the additional protection of an ID tag.

These are stories of truly lucky owners and even luckier pets, but the reality is that many lost pets never return home, even if they are microchipped.  Wearing an identity tag with your details engraved is a vital step towards ensuring the safety return of your lost pet.

We’d love to hear more stories about pets being re-united with their owners.  Just ‘Like’ us on Facebook and tell us your story, including a pic please! Our favourite will receive an engraved tag from our new and very popular Glitter range!

Meet Pedro Andrews with his gorgeous Glitter Black Bones tag.  What a personality!
Meet Pedro Andrews with his gorgeous Glitter Black Bones tag. What a personality!


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