Hug Your Hound Day this September


Hug your Hound Day officially took place on the second Sunday of September – which fell on 11th September this year. While the day itself was not about hugging as many dogs as possible – although, that does sound appealing – it was a day that is about experiencing life with your dog and making the most of developing your bond. Treating your pooch to engraved dog tags, taking your furry friend on a trip or giving them a much-needed make-over are all ways to do this.

How You Can Get Involved

If you’ve been thinking about taking your pooch to agility or other doggy friendly training courses, then seize the day – there is no time like the present! Help your dog to learn new things and evolve by developing their discipline is a great way of strengthening your bond.

Treat your pup for all their hard work and commitment to training by gifting them with an engraved dog tag of their very own – they can wear it with pride at the next event!

Alternatively, you can volunteer your time at a local shelter – there are always plenty of dogs in need of a forever home. Shelters are always accepting people to help out cleaning and even walking the dogs in their care – so do a good deed for the canine world.

Ideas for You and Your Hound

If you’d like to spend some more quality time with your pampered pooch, then now is the perfect time to organise a day trip. The heat of summer is starting to wane, but there is still plenty of light left to ensure you get a decent amount of time in the sunshine without it being too hot for your dog.

Camping – dogs love the great outdoors, so a weekend away camping with man’s best friend would be an experience for all involved. Long walks through the woods and hikes up the hills – and they’ll be a great source of warmth during the colder nights, too!

Countryside walks – Walkies just got upgraded! Forget a walk through the park where you are wary of traffic and people serving as a distraction. Get stuck into the best countryside the UK has to offer, and let your dog roam free – providing there are no farm animals nearby. An extendable lead will be ideal if you’re not sure how your dog will behave off the lead.

A day at the beach – there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches around the UK – and the dogs love it. The sand dunes to run through, the water to play in and a fresh breeze rustling through their fur… ahh heavenly!

Doggy grooming – Alternatively, take your pup to a doggy grooming centre to give them a fresh trim and shampoo like no other. You won’t believe it’s the same dog that comes out smelling of roses!

Give your dog a little extra TLC this September – they’ll love you forever.

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