High Tech Pet Products To Know About


In an increasingly digital world, where technological advances have become part and parcel of everyday life for humans, there is always something new to find, figure out and embrace.

From the way we work and workout to the way we turn on our lights and manage our schedules; there is a technological solution for almost everything – and where we don’t yet have an app or gadget, you can be sure work is underway developing one.

With all of this high tech wizardry in our world, it is no surprise that the animal kingdom is becoming increasingly digitalised, especially when it comes to pets.

Once upon a time, other than food and water, all you needed for your pet was a comfy bed, a ball to throw or a post to scratch and a pet tag engraved with their name. All of a sudden, we had new gadgets for dog waste bags and treat storage, extendable and lockable leads, and laser pen toys for cats to go mad chasing.

But the high tech pet revolution didn’t stop there. As we move into yet another year, let’s look at a few of the top high tech products for pets.

VIP Entry

Cat flaps and dog doors are nothing new, but with concerns for home security came automation and advances. As a result, many of these pet entrances are somewhat VIP. Using magnetism, electronics or radio frequency technology, these doors stay securely locked until your pet arrives at them. With their unique “key” on their collar, they unlock the door and push themselves in or out, before the door promptly locks again. Safe for your pet, safe for your home, this is an example of pet-friendly technology done right.

Smart Tags

Keeping your pet safe will no doubt be a top priority, and whilst traditional pet tags look great and prove useful when your pet is found by a good Samaritan, you may be after a little more peace of mind. smart-tags

Smart Tags are ideal for the digital age. Your dog or cat will wear the smart tag around their neck, just as they would any other collar and tag. You will keep your pet’s Retrieve My Pet profile up to date, so that in the unfortunate event of your 4-legged friend getting lost, you can get them home quickly.

Whoever finds your pet will be able to activate the tag with a tap or scan with their smartphone. You can get an alert with your pet’s GPS location, and the finder will see your pet’s profile on their phone.  Your profile can include limitless information about your pet with no shortage of contact details.  This means more chance of finding you, and, whilst you are making your way to your beloved animal, their new friend will be able to take proper care of them according to their individual requirements.

Fantastic Fun

As much as we love to spend time playing with our pets and admiring their unique personalities, work and life commitments mean we aren’t always free when they want us to be. Instead of leaving your pet sulking and stationary though, tech toys make it fun for pets to play solo.

For dogs, automated ball throwers like the iFetch are the best bet as they give them plenty of exercise and hours of fun. It will spit the ball out (much like you’d see on a tennis court) for the dog to retrieve. When your dog “gives” the ball back, it will be spat out again.

Cats, on the other hand, like to chase and kill. For them moving toys that sense their presence and stay just out of reach accordingly are a good way to keep them occupied, as are automatic laser projection toys like the FroliCat.

One look at the market will show you there are plenty more high tech options where these came from, and you may find all manner of fun and useful gadgetry for you and your pet to enjoy.

If you do start investing in pet-friendly technology though, make sure you are mindful that you don’t let automated and digital devices take your place; the bond and relationship you have with your pet is the most important thing.

So, get a secure smart tag for safety and invest in an automated “Fetch” player by all means, but carve out some time to throw that slobbery ball yourself!

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