Happy news for Leo who was saved by firefighters

The story of Leo brings home the importance of having your pet wear an ID tag.  Leo was found wandering the streets by a local dog warden and, without any identification, was taken to Manchester Dogs’ Home.  Tragically, 53 dogs were killed in the fire (read our previous post here).  Luckily Leo’s owner was able to track him down, but not before the fire broke out.  Thanks to the brave work of firefighters, Leo, one of 150 dogs saved, was finally reunited with his family.  Check out the full story here.

Leo Bradbury survived Manchester Dogs Home fire

If your pet wears an ID tag the dog warden, or anyone else who finds them, will be able to easily and quickly contact you so you can be reunited as soon as possible, and avoid having them taken to a dogs’ home.  Order from our great selection of ID tags here.


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