Going the Extra Mile for Your Pets


Having a pet isn’t just about throwing the ball and enjoying the odd walk. It is about taking care of them, giving them food on time, providing them with a comfortable place to sleep, and finding one of the best pet tags in the UK for them, to keep them stylish and safe.

Loving your pet is all about how you look after them. If you see your pet as something you “own”, then that is how you will treat them, and neither of you will get the most out of the relationship.

However, once you begin to think of them as your friend and companion – as a living, breathing personality, loyal and loving towards you – you will treat them better.

It is important that we take better care of our pets’ diets and living arrangements, to ensure that they are happy in their little world. Read on and find out how we can do just that.

Healthy Meals

Our pets must be fed healthy and fresh food. Besides treats, which are always there (and appreciated), we must make sure that our pets are getting all the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

Like humans, pets can benefit greatly from eating fresh fruits and vegetables (see what fruit and veg your dog can eat, here). Raw chicken bones could even be your dog’s favourite healthy treat.

Cheese is a food high in protein and will fulfil your pet’s nutritional needs. Cooked fish is rich in Vitamin D and makes a good meal for a dog; if fresh fish is not available, canned fish can work well too.

Peaceful Sleep

Fitful and broken sleep cycles are not healthy for your pet. Most of the time, the reason behind this is uncomfortable beds. Each pet is unique and must be provided with a special bed to suit them, so they can get a good sleep. The kind of bed we should buy for our pet needs to be in accordance with their size and weight, and any ailments they might have.

Moreover, the way in which the dog sleeps must also be kept in mind. It is good to be observant of whether they sleep on their belly or change their sleeping spot and position overnight. Some pets like to curl up while others spread out. So no matter how comfortable or good quality a bed might seem to you, we must decide whether a bed will be suitable for our pet by observing their sleep patterns and behaviour.

Planning a fun Christmas holiday for the Pets

We all know that the holiday break is just around the corner. Christmas and New Year bring lots of parties for us to attend, but is your pet enjoying the festive season too?

We find ourselves surrounded by friends and relatives, feeling loved and cherished – and our pets deserve to feel the same. Why not buy them a bow tie from our range of pet tags to make them feel loved? You could even find a new toy or two for them to ‘unwrap’ and have fun with; they can spend the holiday season fussing over it while you fuss over them.

Our pets are extensions of our family, and making sure they enjoy a healthy and happy quality of life is important. So make sure you make your pet a priority.

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