Doggy Training Tips

Doggy Training TipsTraining your puppy or dog is an important bonding process between the two of you, as well as being a great way of getting your dog to behave in an appropriate manner. Knowing how to train your dog for sporting activities as well as keeping behaviour under control can be both rewarding and beneficial to both parties.

Here at Pet Tags, we have come up with a few suggestions on how to get the most from your dog when it comes to training.

  • When training your pet, use their name often. Aim to call their name to get their attention, at least, ten times a day, especially when it comes to training and rewards. When you need to tell your pet off, never call your pet by their name or they will associate their name with negativity. This allows for better obedience control


  • Although training may take up a lot of your time, it is important to still interact and play with your dog outside of this. This increases bonding and trust and relieves any stress they may have about training


  • If your pup struggles and cries at bedtime, it might be worth considering moving his bed into your bedroom. You are close enough for him to remain calm, but will also adjust to being in his own bed


  • Crate training is important when training a dog. It will become their safe place, and will ensure that they use their time in the crate to rest. This is an excellent way of enforcing rules and introducing your puppy to new settings and environments


  • If your puppy or dog likes to chew on household furniture and other important items, then find them a toy that is more suitable for them to chew on. When they start chewing, give them the toy and it will soon become a new habit


  • You can train dogs to overcome separation anxiety by introducing routine into their lives. Keep a jacket in the car so that they won’t spot you about the leave the house. Similarly, act like you are about to leave the house but then just stay at home so that the anxiety diminishes


  • Avoid saying ‘no’ during training sessions. Praise your dogs for the skills that they have mastered, giving treats and ending on a task they already know; to give your dog a positive memory to end on

Training your dog can be a great way to bond with your pet and ensure that they become a well-balanced and behaved dog in the long term. Following the above training plan and suggestions can be tiresome and long winded but are worth it in the long run.

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