Daisy’s pups are growing up!

Since they were born almost 3 weeks ago, Daisy’s 8 Dalmatian pups have been thriving and it’s amazing to watch their growth and development.  Their eyes are now open and their spots have started to come through.  Three are liver-spotted and the other five are black-spotted.  Instead of tiny squeaks they can now manage a more assertive yelp so the house is getting a bit noisier.  Soon they will be moving from just Daisy’s milk to some solids, like scrambled eggs and dry kibble softened with water, at which point toilet trips to the garden will become a regular part of the routine!

The pups are developing normally and next appointment with the vet is to have their hearing tested, at 6 and a half weeks.

In the meantime, Natasha has to decide which of the gorgeous eight pups she is going to keep once it’s time to sell the pups.  That’s a tough one!  They’re all adorable.

Here’s a treat – some recent photos which really show of their beauty!

Pups 22Pups 21Pups 23Pups 19Pups 18Pups 17Pups 20Pups 15Pups 14Pups 13Pups 16Pups 10Pups 9Pups 12Pups 11Pups 3Pups 2Pups 1Pups 4Pups 8Pups 7Pups 6Pups 5

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