Posted on May 22, 2015

Daisy’s getting ready to be a mum again!

It seems like only yesterday that Daisy, our own special Dalmatian who is owned by Natasha (our Admin manager), gave birth for the first time to a crew of gorgeous tiny puppies.

Those puppies have long moved on (Poppy remained with her mum) and now we’re about to welcome a new lot.

Daisy in due to deliver her second litter on 2 June, but, as she was a week early last time (much to Natasha’s surprise!) we know anything could happen this time.  We’ll keep you posted, and can’t wait to show you the photos of the gorgeous newborns.

We learnt so much about the ups and downs of breeding the first time.  The excitement of seeing them come into the world and watching Daisy instinctively care for them, the sadness of losing some too weak to survive; the joy of watching them grow up and play but then having to say goodbye when they move on to their new families.  For anybody interested in breeding, it’s a fascinating process…

Step 1 – Finding Dad:  Daisy’s Stud delivered the first time, and the second as well!

Step 2 – Cutting The Deal: all went smoothly when Natasha cut the deal with The Stud’s owner.

Step 3 – Organising the Kennel Club Endorsements.  Daisy’s progeny are now eligible for Kennel Club registration, an important step which ensures the pups are recognised as having been carefully and responsibly bred.

Step 4 – The Waiting.  Waiting for a dog to come into season might be a bit like watching a kettle boil!  But it eventually happened, the first time back in September 2013 and again in mid-March this year.

Step 5 – The Dates (just to make sure…. two dates).  This time on 31 March and 2 April, which obviously went according to plan.

Step 6:  The Preparations: Getting the house ready for the birth comes next.  The Whelping Box has been put into one of the rooms at home within a large caged area to keep the pups safe.  Under a section of the box is a heat pad which will be a warm place for the pups if they are feeling cold.  Daisy and her pups will live in this area for the first 2 weeks before the pups are ready to venture further afield.

Daisy in her Whelping Box
Daisy in her Whelping Box – the pups will be joining her soon!

So again, I’m looking forward to posting the next update with photos of Daisy’s beautiful new Dalmatian pups.  How many will there be?  The first time there were 10, but sadly only 5 males and 3 females survived.  Will they be black-spotted, like their Dad, or liver-spotted like Daisy?  Last time it was even – 4 of each.

We’ll know very soon!

Stay tuned – we’ll be celebrating by offering some special discounts.  In the meantime, check out our ranges of Design, Glitter, Bling (with genuine Swarovski Crystals), Fashion, Stainless, Brass and Plastic tags.  Remember the Control of Dogs Order rules your dog must wear ID with the owner’s name and address.

Daisy in the Pet-Tags office
Daisy in the Pet-Tags office
Daisy in the Pet-Tags office
Daisy in the Pet-Tags office
Daisy wearing her engraved Kennel Club ID tag
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