Posted on June 1, 2017

Celebrating Hug Your Cat Day


If you are the proud owner of a feline friend, the chances are that you will be familiar with all the benefits that a cat can bring. Love, affection and devotion are all perfect examples of how cats can enrich our lives – there is nothing quite like having a kitten curl up and fall asleep on your lap! Cats can also help us to relax and offer excellent ways to reduce stress levels and improve our general mood.

So bearing in mind all these things that our cats regularly do to help us, isn’t it time for us to start giving something back to our furry friends?

Although we’re sure that you regularly spoil your kitty with plenty of love and affection, don’t they deserve a special treat every now and then, too? Toys and treats are one thing, but how about treating your cat(s) to brand new cat ID tags?

A Special Occasion

Every year, June 4th marks Hug Your Cat Day, a fun occasion set up with the intention of celebrating everything that our cats have to offer us. The aim of the day is simple – to encourage cat owners to hug their cats!

Add an element of warmth, friendship and companionship into your life by celebrating the straightforward pleasure that cats and kittens can provide. Although most cat owners will undoubtedly be giving regular fuss and attention to their littlest family members, there are a number of benefits to showing your cats how much you appreciate them.

Love and affection can provide your cat with some much-needed interaction – especially important if your kitten rarely ventures out of the house. Since love and affection are beneficial to both you and your cat, there is really no excuse not to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day!

Showing Love and Affection

Of course, it is worth mentioning that not every feline is of the affectionate sort, so if your cat prefers to be left alone, it may be a better idea to show your love for them in a different way. Swap out the hugs, strokes and cuddles for a delicious snack or a fun new toy.

If you are really feeling generous, why not invest in sparkling new cat ID tags for your cat? That way, you know that they will stay safe in the utmost style – what more could a cat want?

Browse our full range of engraved pet tags and cat ID tags to find the perfect addition to your feline’s collar.

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