Celebrate Happy Cat Month


Who can resist buying their beloved pet cat a new toy, some treats or perhaps a new bed for them to not sleep on? We buy them everything they could ever want and need, despite them being happy with a bottle lid or piece of paper. But that should never stop you from trying! With collars, personalised cat tags, toys and even clothes for your pets, there’s always a new way to spoil your cat.

If the requited love of your feline friend wasn’t enough, you could always use the excuse that is it officially Happy Cat Month this September.

Despite their often and many protestations, many cats love being spoiled and pampered and their demand for unconditional love and affection from their owners makes them very special pets.  However, if you feel you haven’t been pampering your kitty enough, then prepare yourself to do so this September.

Celebrate with…

Use this month as an opportunity to celebrate and shower some extra love and affection on your feline friend. It’s also a great time of year to ensure your cat is happy and healthy. Here are some ways you can make your cat feel extra special this month:


It is easy for pets to get bored and feel lonely and withdrawn if they don’t have enough entertainment or activity – especially if you are out at work all day. Make sure you keep your cat occupied with toys and activities in and around the house. Set aside some personal time every day to spend with your cat; interacting with you is a great form of entertainment for them and helps keep their fitness levels up, too.

Scratch Life Away

Cats love stretching their bodies and working their claws into something – which is why they love to scratch life away. However, in order to keep our expensive furniture in good shape, we can train our cats to refrain from scratching what they shouldn’t. So this September, treat your cat to a new scratch post and let them scratch away to their heart’s content. Sisal ropes and cardboard are also some surfaces cats love to scratch. Encourage your cat to use this instead of your worldly possessions!

Treat Your Cat to a ‘Catio’

For many cat owners, letting their cats outside can be stressful and worrying – especially if you live in a city or near busy roads. So why not invest in a cat-io? A patio just for your cat allows your pet the joy of being outside, without the worry. It forms an enclosure with the aim of confining your pet to an allotted area without it wandering off into the neighbourhood. This will eliminate the risk of your cat getting lost and risking injury in the wider world.

Healthy Cat,  Happy Cat

When was the last time you took your cat to the vet? This month, ensure you take your cat to visit the vet. A thorough health check should be carried out at least once a year to ensure your cat is healthy – after all, a healthy pet is a happy pet. Also, keeping a tab on your cat’s weight is important – no matter how adorable a fluffy, oversized cat may look, it is certainly not good for their health. Make sure to keep their food portions under control and use playtime to exercise with your pet.


We all know cats are natural hunters and most outdoor cats love their own space to roam and hunt as they please. However, as an owner, it is natural to have a fear of losing them. Ensure your cat is vaccinated and is always wearing their personalised cat tag, should they ever be lost and found.

So this month, dedicate some time from your daily schedule in devotion to your feline friend and show them just how special they really are.

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