Benefits of Long Walks with Your Dog


Autumn is here and there will never be a better chance to start spending some quality time with your dog now that the temperature outside is cooling down and leaves begin to fall. With so many changes in the outside world, autumn is the perfect time to bond with your pooch, as they explore the exciting new scents at the park or in local woodland. When it comes to bonding, we are sure that you will agree – nothing bonds a dog and owner more than a nice, long walk.

Preparing for Your Walk

Before you take your dog out for a long walk and experience the benefits, for yourself, it is important to be prepared for all eventualities. There are quite a few essentials required in order to make sure that your time out with your dog is pleasant for all parties!

Remember, at this time of year there may be more children out in evenings or other things that may frighten or excite your dog – especially with Halloween and Bonfire night just around the corner.

Safe and Secure Collar

The first thing to ensure before taking your dog out for a walk is that your dog has a collar on and the all-important ID tag. Not only is this essential by law, but it ensures the safety of your dog at all times. What’s more, if your pet has a medical condition, a tag is a great way to let others know of his needs. You can also check out our brand new, top quality, cool collars.

Dog Tags in the UK

Finding the right dog tag for your beloved four-legged friend is important as this is something your dog needs to wear at all times. Much like their human counterparts, each and every dog has their own personality and traits that make them unique – so why not get them a tag that suits them down to the ground? Choose from a wide range of tags here and find your furry friend the perfect tag today. An eZeClip will allow you to easily attach and remove your dog’s tags if you like to have a collar for every occasion!

Off-Lead Activities

Until your dog is well behaved with a reliable recall, and friendly with other dogs, avoid off lead play.  If you are unsure, try letting your dog off the lead in an enclosed space such as the garden so they get used to coming to your commands before moving out into the big, wide, world. Remember to stay in secure areas such as parks rather than the woods where they might decide to chase a deer or other wildlife.

Keeping Warm

Although dogs have a protective furry coat to keep them warm, smaller dogs don’t always have enough to keep them warm if the weather drops. If your pet is on the smaller side, or is happy to wear a coat, then there is a wide range of pet clothing on the market to ensure your pooch doesn’t get the shivers.

Benefits of Taking Your Dog out for Walks

After preparing for your adventure, you are ready to enjoy all the benefits that the great outdoors to offer—with your dog, of course:

Bonding – taking your dog out for walks is, naturally, a great bonding experience. Human beings have a tendency of connecting better with friends who they have adventures with, whether humans or dogs.

Exercise – it is important to keep your dog healthy and walking is excellent exercise not only for your dog but for you, as well. Not many people find time to hit the gym, every day. Why not compensate by spending some quality time with your dog?

Walking can be tiresome, even for dogs – walking, as an activity, is tiresome for everyone, including your four-legged friend. Tiring your dog out on an outdoor adventure is a great way to ensure they are getting the exercise they need and burn off their excess energy. That being said, make sure you have enough provisions to make up for it – plenty of fresh water and some food to keep them energised, and make sure they’re warm enough during the cooler months.

Taking long walks with your dog benefits both you and your dog in countless ways. It is necessary, however, to prepare beforehand. With these handy tips, you’ll soon reap the rewards of long walks with your canine friend.

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