Posted on June 27, 2015

BBC Watchdog investigates Pets at Home

The BBC 1 programme Watchdog claimed a number of Pets at Home stores have displayed dead and diseased fish and sold animals without performing health checks.  The show aired on June 18 2015 and it was the program’s second visit to the retail giant since 2012.

The undercover investigation within the retail chain’s stores focused on a number of animal welfare issues including the advice given by staff members to customers.

In a statement published on the company’s website Pets at Home CEO Nick Wood said: ‘We have been at the forefront of pet welfare for nearly 25 years and our number one value is ‘Pets before Profit’. That’s what drives us; nearly all of us are pet owners, we all love pets, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to get better.  We have looked in detail at every single claim put to us by Watchdog, which are misleading and in many cases simply wrong.  But viewers don’t have to take my word for it. Our stores are open every day and our colleagues will be happy to explain the care we provide for our pets. You don’t need to go undercover; it’s in full view for our customers to see because we have nothing to hide and plenty to be proud of.’

Check out your local Pets at Home store next time you go in and see for yourself.

Avoid the machine ‘engraved’ pet tags on offer at stores like Pets at Home.  While they are cheap and instant, they are made from a low cost aluminium and the engraving will fade very quickly.  This may work for an emergency pet tag (which is legally required on all dogs in public places), but for a lifetime guarantee against fading, choose from our great selection of quality tags here.


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