Posted on August 30, 2016

All You Need is a Cat… or Two.


If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, it may be an idea to consider adopting two. Cats like to be sociable so having the company of a fellow feline in the early days could help them bond well, not to mention, keep them occupied.

However, it is important to ensure you choose the right type of cat for your particular lifestyle; kittens need more attention and are more playful, whereas a more mature cat is better at holding its own. Whatever aged cat you prefer, all need daily fuss!

Part of the fun of adopting a cat is choosing their name! Remember, your cat’s name is just as important as if you were naming a child; after all, it is a name you will be repeating for many years to come!

If you already have pets at home and are looking to introduce another pet into the family, then don’t make any sudden changes. The animals will need time to bond with each other, so it is recommended that you adopt a gradual process. The two most popular home pets are cats and dogs, and both these animals are territorial; give them a few weeks or months to get used to their new life.

Upon introducing a new kitten or cat into your home, there are some things that are worth investing in, a few of which are detailed below:

Scratching Post

Your cat will want to stretch out its claws and have a good scratch quite often. If it doesn’t know where the scratch post is located, you will find your lovely carpet, sofas and other furniture will soon be covered in scratch marks and ripped to shreds! Invest in a scratch post for your feline(s) to be able to scratch as they please.

Bed or Blanket

Cats love to sleep. In fact, during warmer weather they can sleep for up to 16 hours a day so it is important that you give them somewhere of their own to cosy up. If you have two cats, you might even find them snuggling up for a nap together.

Treat them to a soft cat bed or fleece blanket for them to snuggle up on. Although most cats have a coat of warm fur, they are at their happiest when curled up on something soft. Eventually, your cat will settle on their favourite place for a nap – this could even be on top of the bread bin!


It is always wise to get cat name tags for your new feline(s) with their name and your contact details to ensure they can be found should they go missing.

Collars and name tags can be quite pretty, come in many different designs, and most collars have the option of adding a bell, too so that you can hear your furry little friend around the house.


Ensure you buy a decent pet carrier that is big enough to be able to transport your cats when they’re fully grown, too. Make it cosy and warm inside by lining it with a blanket for them to sit on and maybe a cushion. Cats hate travelling so it’s important to keep them as comfortable as possible.

These are just a few basic starter tips for when you adopt a cat or a kitten; for more pet tips and to find out where you can find and personalise a cat name tag, please browse our website.

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