All I Want for Christmas… is a Puppy


This Christmas, if you are considering adopting a beautiful new puppy, remember, there is far more to raising a pet beyond those adorable, smouldering eyes and cute, playful demeanour.

If you are serious about introducing a new pet into your life this Christmas, then these handy tips will help to prepare you for what is yet to come;

  • First thing’s first – your new puppy will need to familiarise itself with its new environment so it is important to invest in a personalised dog tag in the event that your pup goes missing.
  • Ensure your pup is two months old at the very least – pups need to spend at least their first eight weeks with their birth mother.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of your pup’s health records and medical history (if any) from the breeder or shelter along with the health records of its parents to identify any potential future risks. It is also wise to ask about your dog’s temperament – especially if you have young children in your home.
  • Following checking their health records, register your puppy with a reputable vet and ensure any boosters and relevant vaccinations are carried out. Ensure you book any follow up annual vaccinations, too.
  • Does your pup have any siblings? How did they socialise with other pups? Find out a little more about your pup before committing to them for life.
  • Pet medical fees can end up being incredibly costly in the event of an accident; best to take out pet insurance.
  • Your home is an entirely new atmosphere for your puppy and can seem really intimidating for them – see that they have a safe place they can retire to should they feel vulnerable and want some time out to hibernate in – a warm area, with a comfy bed and a few items or objects they are already familiar with works a treat.
  • Introduce the members of your family to them at a slow pace as this can be incredibly overwhelming for them in their new environment.
  • Training, crating, tethering, potty training and all other forms of educational activity will soon follow – your dog’s behaviour will always rest on how well they are taught right from the very start. Training sessions should be short and sweet so limit them to around 15 minutes per session to ensure you have your dog’s full attention. Reward any good behaviour with treats and endless praise and encouragement.
  • Invest in appropriate essentials for your new pup; a bed, toys, food and water bowls, a comfy resting area, a poop scoop and bags, grooming essentials, some treats for good behaviour, personalised dog tags and of course, the necessary food they need for nourishment.

Owning a pet isn’t always easy and can be similar to bringing up a child, so it is important to remember that you are wholly responsible for your new pet – from feeding them to training them to ensure their safety at home and out and about. Remember, you will need to reprioritise and adapt your schedule to their needs – including daily walks and time needed to take them out for them to do their ‘business’, too!

A new puppy isn’t an object or a gift, it is a living being which you are now responsible for – and one you should be prepared to commit to for life, so it’s important that you and your family are suitably prepared for the beautiful journey that follows.

Remember, pets are for life, not just for Christmas – as long as you remain patient and devote enough time to your puppy, you are sure to reap the rewards in the long run – not to mention the priceless gratitude and loyalty of your new best friend!

Check out our comprehensive Puppy Guide which has everything you need to know when bringing home your new member of the family.

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