Posted on March 20, 2018

20 Fun Ways to Amuse Your Pet


If you have a pet then you will undoubtedly be well aware that they need to be entertained on a regular basis. While it’s fun to play with your pet, it can often be a challenge to think of new ways to keep playtime fresh and different. So, to help you out, we have come up with a list of 20 ways in which you can amuse your pet.

However, it’s not always fun and games. You also need to ensure that your pet is safe during playtime, and one surefire way to do this is to ensure that they have a dog tag. Once you have made sure that they are as safe as possible, you can then focus more on the fun. So, without further ado, here are 20 ways to amuse your pet.

  1. Hide treats around the house meaning your pet will have to work to find them
  2. If you have a dog, you could play a game of tug of war
  3. Teach your pet to dance to music with you
  4. You could teach your dog to do a brand new trick
  5. Play a game of hide and seek where you hide and your pet has to find you
  6. If you have a cat, you could play a game with a piece of string where they can catch it
  7. You could play a game of fetch with your dog
  8. Create an indoor obstacle course for your pet to complete in order to get a treat
  9. Play search and sniff with your dog where you hide a treat in one tennis ball out of six and let them make a guess as to which one the treat is in
  10. You could invest in a climbing frame for your cat so that they can entertain themselves even when you’re not there
  11. Give your cat a bouncy ball that they can chase
  12. Leave a cardboard box out for your cat to play in
  13. Purchase some wind-up toys that your cat can chase around the home
  14. Bring the outside inside and have an indoor garden for your pet to play in – just make sure that any plants are pet-friendly
  15. Take your dog for a long ride in the car if they enjoy travelling
  16. Visit a café that accepts pets. That way, they will be able to socialise with other cats or dogs and keep themselves amused while you relax
  17. Take your dog for a walk or run
  18. Purchase some catnip and hide it in a cardboard box that your cat has easy access to
  19. Blow some bubbles around your home so your pet can chase them
  20. Look at interactive games that you can play with your pet

Each of these ideas is guaranteed to offer both you and your pet many hours of fun – all that you need to decide is which idea best suits your pet. But remember, safety should always come first and your pets should wear a dog tag just in case. Once you have put in every effort to keep them safe then simply enjoy some quality time together – playtime has never been more fun!

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