Fun Activities Bring Your and your Dog Closer Together

Posted on December 6, 2013

Dogs can bring us so much joy; just think of how happy they are to see you when you walk in the door from a long day at work, or how grateful they can be when you give them a belly rub after a long day of barking and chasing cats. Dogs love to play with their owners, and it’s actually one of the things that can help to bring dog and owner closer together and reinforce their bond. Going for walks is nice, sure; but why not try some really fun activities with your dog? Here are some suggestions you could both enjoy:

Play fetch

Dogs absolutely love chasing something that’s been thrown by their owners and then taking it back to them (after roughing it up a little first). It’s a simple activity that doesn’t require much, but your dog will absolutely love it. You can use a bone, a big stone (one he won’t swallow), a dog toy, a ball, and so on. This game will entertain your dog for hours and keep you both fit and healthy at the same time!

Go on a trip by the seaside

Why not organise a day by the sea with your best buddy? You could even invite the whole family so you all get to breathe in lots of fresh sea air! Your dog will love playing with you all, running along the sand, chasing pebbles, and paddling in the sea. All you need to do is make sure you take your dog to a beach where he is welcome. Some beaches don’t allow dogs, especially in summer! Other than that, everyone will love this day out.

Go for a run

Picture this: both you and your dog, running as fast as you can. What could be better? You’ll burn calories and keep fit, while keeping your dog happy and stimulated too. Go on, run as fast as you can for the fun of it!

Create an Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course in your back garden is a great way to keep your dog entertained and a fun alternative to a dog activity club/training sessions. They’ll love jumping over obstacles, tunneling through different objects, and going in and out of things. Old tyres are perfect for this kind of thing! You could even use the obstacle course as a way to train your dog and you might even decide to start entering him in dog shows!

Go Hiking

A long hike in the countryside, full of fresh air is much better for you and your dog than your standard trot round the block. You’ll both have a wonderful time exploring and seeing new things and frolicking in the Autumn leaves is the best fun for dogs!

Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog is a lovely bonding experience for both of you, and a great way to calm them down after an exciting run or hike. Simply brushing your dog gently so all loose hair is removed will make them look much better and bring you closer together!  Get your kids to register with the YKC (Young Kennel Club) to enter grooming competitions.

You and your dog are already the best of pals, but why not make that bond even stronger with one of these fun activities? You’ll both have a great time!  Just remember, your dog needs to wear a suitable ID pet tag when in a public place, or you risk a fine of up to £2,000 (see UK Dog Laws).  We have a fabulous collections of tags in all shapes, colours and sizes at so why not take a look?

pet tag
Fun activities for you and your dog outdoors – but don’t forget the pet tag!

Dog Laws UK: What you need to know

Posted on July 31, 2013

Dog Laws UK: What you need to know:

It’s been estimated that around 300,000 pets to missing or stray every year in the UK. Latest figures from the Missing Pets Bureau show that approximately 2,500 cats and 3,200 dogs go missing every week. You should look at the ways in which you can provide a safer environment for your pet to prevent he or she from being lost or stolen. Make sure there are no holes in fences and that any gates close securely. Unless you have a securely locked gate, make sure if your dog is kept in the front garden it is only under supervision. When your dog is taken off the lead make sure you stay constantly alert to his whereabouts.

Microchipping is one of the most effective ways to protect your pet from being stolen as it provides a permanent means of identification but many dogs are found and not reported to the authorities for scanning, either because the finder has decided to keep the dog or because they are not aware that the dog can be scanned for identification. Many thieves may be reluctant to steal a dog who is chipped as they know the true owner can be traced, which is why many people include the word ‘Chipped’ on their dog’s ID tag.

Dog Laws UK: The Control of Dogs Order 1992 rules:

Every dog in a place of public must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a tag attached to it. Any owner who allows their dog to be in a public place without this identification is guilty of an offence against the Animal Health Act 1981. The dog may be seized and treated as a ‘stray dog’. Owners in breach of this law can be fined up to £5,000. Find at more at

Dog Laws UK: The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Control of Dogs rules:

Every local authority has an appointed officer for dealing with stray dogs and if the officer has reason to believe that any dog found is a stray dog, he shall seize the dog and detain it.

If the seized dog wears a collar or tag with the owner’s address the officer shall serve the owner a notice in writing stating that the dog has been seized and where it is being kept, that the dog will be liable to be disposed of if it is not claimed within seven days and the amount that needs to be paid to have the dog returned.

If the dog is not claimed within 7 days or the expenses not paid the officer may dispose of the dog by selling it or giving it to a person he believes will care for the dog, or by giving it to a stray dog centre or the dog can be put down in a manner to cause as little pain as possible.

Any person who finds a stray dog must either return the dog to its owner (if the owner is known or if the owner’s contact details are inscribed on the dog’s collar or ID tag), or take the dog to the local authority. If the owner is unknown, the finder can keep the dog with the local authority’s permission. In Scotland, the finder who keeps the dog for a period of two months without its being claimed by the owner shall become the new owner of the dog. Find out more at

Give your pets the best chance to stay safe by having them microchipped and attaching an ID tag on their collar, showing your name and address (house number and postcode is sufficient). We also recommend a phone number and the words ‘Scan Me’, ‘Microchipped’ or ‘Chipped’ be engraved on the tag to deter thieves.

Pet-Tags engraved ID tags are the perfect way to keep your pets safe – we guarantee them for life against fading so we will replace the tag if it fades.  That way your dog will have the required ID for life.  See our range of over 200 designs at

Meet gorgeous William Bower!  He really loves his new engraved ID tag!
Meet gorgeous William Bower! He really loves his new engraved ID tag!
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