Pet Food Giants Try to Slow Growth of Raw Pet Food Industry

These days there is so much talk from the anti-raw pet food lobby. As we know, the conclusions that come out of ‘studies’ and the way they are reported are often dubious to say the least, often with conveniently missed relevant information and even down right false information. Only 27 dogs with symptoms were included in this Melbourne study, and with no detail about their lifestyles and anything else that might have contributed to their condition. It is simply not reasonable to warn the UK population of over 16.5 million dog and cat owners against feeding their dogs raw chicken based on that study. We also have a right to know who funded the study.

We should never just read articles like this and many others recently that try and scare owners who feed their pets raw food, and blindly accept them without further investigation or at least questioning. More often than not there’ll be a processed food company involved, either with the study or the publication (high value advertiser). Does Pet Gazette ever promote any of the popular raw food products such as Natural Instinct and Nature’s Menu, whose customers report having super healthy pets throughout their whole lives? Looking at a recent 68 page issue of the magazine, we found 20 dry food advertisements.

These large pet food corporations can easily afford such advertising and will stop at nothing to slow the rapid growth of the raw pet food industry. For example, the ‘charitable scheme’ Burns by Your Side’ that sends dogs into schools to help children to read, has banned the inclusion of dogs fed a raw meat-based diet amid concerns that the pets may carry what it claims are ‘dangerous bacteria’. The charity just happens to be managed by the Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation. Surely if feeding raw resulted in owners, family and friends suffering from the spread of pathogens, the raw food industry would not be growing so rapidly.

Sadly, a Daily Mail investigation back in 2010 reported that much of the veterinary industry is inextricably linked to the pet-food manufacturers. Research into pet food is carried out by the pet-food companies, training of vets at universities is funded by pet-food manufacturers and lectures on nutrition at vet schools and for vet nurses is also often paid for – and even taught – by these huge corporations. In 2015 the UK pet food market reached £2.8 billion, and in 2017 the global dog food market reached US$17.1 billion. There is clearly a lot at stake. One could also argue that it is hardly in a vet group’s interests to promote a more natural diet for pets that will keep pets healthier.…/Is-food-youre-feeding-pet-kill….

Many of our customers have been feeding their pets raw for decades and report healthy, clean, long-living pets who simply don’t need to go to the vet.

We’d love to hear your views on the subject.

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